Staying in doesn’t have to be boring – when in doubt, get yourself some takeout!

It’s no surprise that many people love this option (Netflix bingers, raise a hand!) especially within the past year with lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.

And you’re not alone if you prefer to eat in the comfort of your pajamas. 60% of American consumers will agree with you by ordering delivery or takeout at least once a week!

For hospitality businesses with delicious eats, it’s equally important to provide an unboxing experience that’s as irresistible as the bites offered.

🎁 Unboxings aren’t just a social media trend – they provide customers with an experience.

noissue Sandwich Wrap Paper by @marchemonpitou

Don’t underestimate the element of surprise! Getting surprised when opening a thoughtfully designed package instills a great feeling in customers, much like when you receive a specially crafted gift. Take it from the Journal of Marketing, which conducted a study that showed when people are pleasantly surprised with a product, their enjoyment of that product increased by up to 25%.

The surprise that accompanies an unboxing experience is your chance to foster a personal connection with a customer. Curating that sense of awe and excitement through well-designed packaging will leave customers with an unforgettable impression of your brand. Adding extra details to create an overall unboxing experience is a sure way to uplevel your business’s branding and even encourage customers to make repeat purchases.

🥡 Takeout can also be an unboxing experience – with a delicious (and eco-friendly) twist.

Major components of an excellent unboxing experience for takeout include consistent branding, an eye-catching design, and packaging that’ll also protect food products. The proof is in the pudding – well, more like it’s in custom and eco-friendly food packaging!

Food safe packaging means that the materials surrounding an edible product won’t harm the quality or integrity of the product. Since plastic packaging from takeout food and drink makes up most of the litter in the world’s oceans, it’s all the more important to turn to sustainable food safe packaging for your business’ takeout.

The good news is, noissue Custom Food Wrapping Paper is printed on FSC-certified paper with water-based food safe inks and is fully compostable so that it won’t harm the planet, either.

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @sweet_dreams_french_caneles

Having a custom design on your food safe packaging materials will wow customers when they receive their order and make your products stand out from the crowd. After all, we can’t resist snapping some food pics for the ‘gram – noissue Food Wrapping Paper is the perfect backdrop for those foodie shots!

Give your orders an extra pop by sprinkling in your brand’s logo or adding a visually appealing pattern for a winning custom design!

💥 Turn your takeout into a total knockout

When it comes to nailing your takeout unboxing experience, follow these three packaging must-haves: the look, the feel, and the personal touch.

noissue Custom Food Wrapping Paper by @thenourishingbaker

The look will make that first and lasting impression on customers when they receive their takeout, so don’t be afraid to pull out all the packaging stops!

The feel is just as important as how your unboxing experience will look. You want to use high-quality materials that’ll keep things neat and protect your product (and bonus points for using compostable food safe packaging!)

Putting on a personal touch will be your pièce de résistance – your brand’s signature to perfect the ultimate takeout unboxing experience and keep customers coming back for more!

💡 Inspiration Station

Feeling hungry for some inspiration from brands who’ve knocked it out of the park with great takeout experiences? Look no further and read on for how 6 businesses from our noissue Bites community serve up their sandwich paper unboxing game!

1. Instant Happiness by The Happy Donut

You can’t help but smile once you receive a box of goodness from The Happy Donut! A vegan bakery based in Bath, UK, The Happy Donut is all about bringing some brightness and positivity into their customers’ days. Their poppy orange takeout box – paired with custom noissue sandwich wrapping paper – is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

noissue Sandwich Wrap Paper by @thehappydonutco

2. One-Stop-Shop by Nelson the Seagull

If you appreciate the finer things in life, then you’re going to love how Vancouver-based Nelson the Seagull effortlessly packages up your picnic essentials. Their takeout unboxing experience screams treat yourself, and we’re here for it. Their custom design on food wrapping paper adds some visual interest while keeping cheeses and fruits fresh.

noissue Sandwich Wrap Paper by @nelsontheseagull

3. High-Quality Box Liner by Collectif Huge

Now this is a way to grab a customer’s attention! Collectif Huge is a French design studio specializing in creative social media and branding. Their project for Lupo, a casual pizza experience, saw them using noissue sandwich wrap paper with a one-of-a-kind design featuring different variations of the brand’s logo. It’s (almost) too beautiful to eat off of — but we’ll take a slice. Or three.

noissue Sandwich Wrapping Paper by @collectif_huge

4. Simply Sweet by Fika Swedish Kitchen

As if life couldn’t get any sweeter, Australia-based Fika Swedish Kitchen is dishing up some major food wishes on custom noissue Food Wrapping Paper! Fika Swedish Kitchen takes inspiration from their Scandinavian fare by depicting clean and minimal illustrations onto their takeout box liners. It just shows that you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Custom noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @fikaswedishkitchen

5. Sealed with a Sticker by Go Cakes

Details, details, details. We love how Go Cakes uses custom compostable noissue Stickers as the perfect seal on their takeout orders! The sunny gold stands out on their cake and treat boxes, inviting customers to have a taste of the California sun.

noissue Custom, Compostable Stickers by @go_cakes

6. Just for You by Palm Springs Burleigh

Because there’s always plenty of love to go around, why not top the unboxing experience with a perfect personal touch? Palm Springs Burleigh in Australia welcomes new and returning customers with unbeatable takeaway burritos, sandwiches, and more thoughtfully wrapped and delivered in trusty custom noissue sandwich wrap paper!

noissue Sandwich Wrap Paper by @palmspringsburleigh

Wrapping It Up

How will you take your business’s unboxing experience to the next level? Try these takeout tips using custom, eco-friendly noissue Food Wrapping Paper to blow your customers away with your tasty product and provide a standout unboxing to boot! And be sure to check out noissue's full range of hospitality and delivery packaging.