Stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day for a reason. Businesses in different niche industries realize their products could be enclosed inside compostable pouches made from recycled materials that are cheaper than their original packaging and bring a ton of benefits.

Let’s look deeper into the benefits that pouches bags provide to see how you can use them to your business’s advantage.

1. Use Stand-Up Bags to Save Space

Stand-up pouch packaging is small and compact. Since the walls of the package are soft, they can be pushed together inside a box while you are shipping them. These are easily stacked and can also save you a ton of warehousing space.

Moreover, the materials they’re made of are durable enough to stack more than a few on top of each other in a horizontal position without damaging the integrity of the products or the packaging. This could eventually lead to cost savings for your business on a larger scale.

2. Use Them to Protect Contents

If you’re offering a stand-up pouch for coffee or food items, then you might want to display a portion of your product through a transparent piece in your packaging like a protective film. Ensure that this film matches the protection from UV of the other materials used in the manufacturing of the pouch.

Contents like coffee and food are sensitive to light and moisture. Both of these are easily negated with stand-up bags that are hermetically sealed with the help of a zipper.

3. Use Stand-Up Pouches to Increase Sales

People are in love with sustainable products. Already 100+ countries have implemented policies on sustainable consumption and are likely to stop importing products that don’t offer sustainable packaging.

Being ahead of the curve and foreseeing what will happen in a few years has always helped businesses outgrow their competition. Eventually, plastic packaging and plastic bottles will be banned across the world. Getting caught unprepared might cost many businesses billions in revenue and eventually lead to defaults.

According to McKinsey, more than 55% of Americans say they are concerned for the environment and are trying to make a difference. With the evident trend of that number constantly increasing each year, you would be more likely to become the public’s favorite if you provide your products in a sustainable form.

4. Use Them to Provide Shelf Space and Appeal

In 2022, it is increasingly more popular to purchase products that are placed in simple yet sustainable packaging and that have a vintage look and feel. For example, stand-up pouches for food can be made out of rice paper, which provides it with an authentic and unique look that attracts customers who care about sustainable materials.

5. Use Stand-Up Bags For a Variety of Products

If all the products you offer can be packaged in stand-up pouches, then go for it. Your brand will be more recognizable on shelf spaces and advertisements if all your products have the same packaging form, type, and branding.

6. Use Them to Improve Shipping

As mentioned above, the more space you can save, the cheaper shipping is. Moreover, pouches bags are much lighter than traditional boxes and plastic bottles, which also results in cheaper shipping and storage in some cases, especially if you’re using fulfillment centers.

Did you Know That Stand Up Bags Can Be Customized?

noissue's Stand-Up Pouch Packaging is designed using CMYK colors with a gloss or matte finish

You can practically change anything you want on a stand-up pouch in order to make it fit your business needs. You can change the material, size, form, and colors of the package to accommodate various items.

The most common sizes used are:

  • 5 x 12.25 x 3
  • 4.25 x 10.5 x 2.5
  • 3.375 x 9.75 x 2.5.

Of course, if you need additional sizes and configurations, you can always get a quote on your request. Regarding color, up to 4 colors can be used on a single palette in order to make the packaging match your brand. Few brands utilize more than 3 brand colors, so that should be more than enough to do the trick.

Stick with recyclable stand-up pouches for the above-mentioned reasons and stay ahead of upcoming regulations, thus protecting the environment and meeting the ever-growing demands of your customers.

Learn more about tips and tricks for filling Stand-Up Pouches.

Wrapping It Up

There are many benefits to using stand-up pouches as the primary packaging solution for your business, regardless of what FMCGs you are offering. Ranging from baby food to coffee, stand-up pouches have become the standard for keeping goods fresh, protected and looking great.

If you’re ready to take the new step and bring your packaging to the next level, check out noissue's Compostable Stand-Up Pouches.

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