Takeout food has risen in popularity and necessity recently as more couriers have emerged and more restaurants optimize their delivery models to satisfy increased customer demand.

As a food brand leader, the food delivery business can be very profitable, knowing that nearly half of people use a food delivery app and knowing the fees that come with deliveries.

Delivering a satisfactory food delivery experience requires providing quality food, of course, and knowing your customers. But, just as important as those elements are the quality of food packaging.

As more brands seek sustainable packaging methods to improve customer satisfaction, reduce production costs and preserve the environment, custom clamshell containers are very reliable options to achieve these important brand requirements.

The container joins two pieces of packaging material to surround a product, uses petroleum and tree-free materials, and is commercially compostable.

Compared to regular virgin plastic, it’s biodegradable and has better reusability prospects. For future orders, you should consider clamshell packaging for these reasons.

1. Clamshell Packaging Offers Maximum Protection and Is Flexible

noissue Custom Clamshell Packaging is made from materials like sugarcane and switchgrass

The market for clamshell take-out containers and packaging has seen steady growth as more supermarkets, restaurants, and other food brands have been using them as a primary food packaging method.

These containers have become popular because of their flexibility and ease of use as they provide seamless opening and closing experiences for customers, providing immediate value.

Clamshell food containers are viable solutions for food brands because they offer high levels of protection, particularly for larger food orders. With food packages being constantly handled and traveling through couriers or delivery vehicles, they need maximum protection to prevent contamination and a loss of revenue.

Secure clamshell food packaging protects food items from improper handling and bad storage conditions, preserving the freshness and heat of the food.

The edges of the clamshell boxes are well sealed, while the boxes are also microwaveable and oil-resistant, meaning less grease with the food.

Furthermore, clamshell takeaway containers are designed very tightly around the food item, ensuring nothing seeps out. Thanks to custom labels that keep them adequately sealed, saving space.

They are resealable, lightweight, and accommodate food regardless of shape or size, adding to their appeal and flexibility.

2. Clamshell Packaging Includes Simple, Yet Eye-Catching Designs

noissue's Clamshell To-Go Containers are foodsafe and 100% compostable or recyclable

Clamshell containers have uncomplicated yet aesthetically pleasing designs that immediately capture customers' attention. The one-piece design eliminates the fuss of opening and closing the food containers while getting the complete enclosure on packaged food, providing comprehensive protection.

Brands can customize the packaging with eye-catching brand designs to make it clear to customers where the food is coming from.

Brands can add customized graphics like a well-designed brand logo on the top of the boxes with good color and a high level of readability.

Alternatively, brands can dye the packaging to be a specific color, deviating from the typical white packaging design that many food containers come in.

The clamshell takeout containers can be printed in a full range of colors using digital printing technology and leveraging sustainable ink.

Presentation is a major point of emphasis within the food service industry. The food itself may be high-quality and tasty.

But, the packaging involved can turn off customers, leading to a decreased likelihood that they’ll purchase food from the same brand again. Custom clamshell containers play up the presentation aspect while showcasing standout brand imagery that ensures customers take you seriously as a brand.

3. Clamshell To-Go Containers Are An Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

noissue's Clamshell Containers are both microwaveable and freezer-safe

Clamshell to-go containers provide layered protection, and the ease of use customers yearn for with food packaging solutions. They are also among the most eco-friendly solutions on the open market.

As an alternative to traditional plastic containers for food packaging and preservation, sustainable clamshell food containers are made from eco-friendly materials using sustainable production practices.

Sustainable clamshell packaging doesn’t use petroleum, aluminum, or other materials that traditional food packaging options use. Some clamshell food containers are made from sugarcane fiber, both white and natural.

Also, the packaging can be made from regenerative fibers like Switchgrass, which is typically found in the southeastern United States. Because they are tree and petroleum-free, they do not put constant emissions into the atmosphere as they are plant-based and free of chemicals.

Given that sustainable clamshell packaging is also biodegradable and compostable, brands like yours can improve social awareness, showing a dedication to looking out for the customer’s best interests.

Add that to how easy the packages are to open and how often they can be re-used for other packaging or storing use cases; brands have a solution that immediately improves customer satisfaction.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing sustainable food packaging helps your brand image and fully preserves the quality of the food you deliver to your customers.  Give your customers the sustainable packaging they deserve and browse our custom food packaging options for your brand today!

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