Custom noissue Compostable Tissue Paper by @elizabethrachael

As brands and sellers gear up for a fresh start in 2022, there’s a lot they need to watch out for. Of course, product packaging is one of the most important things to consider.

Packaging that not only protects your products but also conveys volumes about your brand is definitely the way to go. Also, with customers becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of packaging, companies that adopt circular packaging materials will likely have an edge over others.

Those are just two of the many packaging trends you need to watch out for this year. Without further ado, here’s a look at some of the top trends in packaging that will likely make waves in 2022.

About 80 million tons of single-use plastic waste is produced every year in the US alone. Needless to say, this has far-reaching implications for our environment. They pollute the land, oceans, air, and even accumulate in our biological systems.

Circular packaging materials have lately surfaced as a fantastic alternative to single-use plastics. Circular packaging uses biodegradable, sustainable, and non-polluting (or least polluting) materials.

The use of natural and compostable materials enables these elements to “circle” back into nature and is, therefore, in line with a larger effort towards a sustainable global economy. As more and more consumers become aware of the environmental impacts of their shopping behavior, they are likely to lean towards brands that use circular packaging.

Materials like recycled paper, recycled plastics, recycled cardboard, etc. are not just eco-friendly but also attractive, customizable, and great for branding. No wonder that in 2021, the most popular noissue items were Compostable Mailers, Kraft Boxes, Tissue Paper, Padded Mailers, and Recycled Mailers.

noissue Compostable Mailers, Compostable Tissue Paper and Compostable Paper Sticker by @mooseymooseofficial

Innovation, creativity, and a bit of social media push are helping this packaging trend find immense favor and advocacy amongst customers today.

2. Small brand touches will make a big difference

One of the most exciting packaging trends of late is the use of branded stickers, tapes, and stamps. These can give an ordinary cardboard box an instant facelift.

With more and more customers leaning toward minimalism, companies are looking for packaging that’s simple, uncluttered, yet memorable. Small brand touches on elements like packing tapes, stickers, and stamps can make sure your messages stand out while ensuring that your packaging looks elegant.

noissue Stickers are a simple and eco-friendly solution to adding brand touches to your packages. Similarly, noissue Tapes are water-activated and 100% eco-friendly.

Finally, our Stamps are a quick branding fix that can be used on just about any kind of packing material. Made from quality, recycled plastic, these stamps come with a soy-based ink pad or cartridge.

noissue Custom Recycled Box, Compostable Tissue, and Compostable Sticker by @elysiantheory

3. More connected/interactive packaging elements will be seen

Interactive packaging elements are a great way to engage customers by leveraging a brand’s online/social media presence. They can also be used to redirect the customer to watch how-to videos over YouTube. For example, an apparel brand could showcase wash and care instructions of their products this way.

Rather than wasting paper on user manuals and technical specs, you can simply share them online and use QR codes on your packaging that link to them. They can also come in handy for offering deals and discount vouchers.

noissue Custom Compostable Hangtags by @supernovabgs

As brands scramble to grow their following online, QR codes on product packaging that link to their social media accounts may help to a great extent. In a world that lives on connections and networking, interactive packaging is definitely the way to go.

4. Brands that incorporate clever copy into their packaging will stand out

The use of clever copy in your packaging to communicate a brand value (for example, sustainability) can be extremely useful for carving out an image of your brand.

Playing around with words to subtly communicate a brand value is a creative way to catch people’s attention and create a positive brand perception about your business. So focus on coming up with punchlines or taglines that convey your value proposition instantly and set you apart from others.

noissue Custom Reusable Cotton Tote Bag by @botanopia

The idea is to use novelty in packaging to make a statement. Sellers that seem to have put a good deal of thought into their packaging (and copy) will stand out as bold, creative, and unique.

5. Personalized packaging will turn heads

As brands ramp up their marketing efforts to put the customer front and center, personalization continues to be a top priority even in packaging.

Marketing these days is all about customization. It’s about making tailored recommendations based on past purchase patterns and giving customers more tailor-made shopping experiences.

Many ecommerce brands have already started using the names of their customers on their packaging. Sending a customized “Thank You” card along with your products is a simple yet delightful way to present your offerings and your brand.

noissue Custom Compostable Tissue Paper, Recycled Card and Compostable Sticker by @yamogu_

Going forward, brands may even incorporate pre-captured information such as the customer’s favorite movie or book to personalize their packaging. Humor and creativity can further reinforce these efforts and make your packaging stand out.

Packaging based on highly personalized cues could really pack a punch in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, it’s best to keep them subtle and subliminal.

6. Brands that use seasonal packaging designs will flourish

Customers love brands that are relevant and come alive at key moments and seasons in their lives. Brands that use seasonal packaging designs for Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving come off as more responsive, humane, fun, and delightful.

noissue Custom Compostable Tissue Paper by @credobeauty in partnership with noissue

This is especially true for brands that cater to children and younger audiences. They simply can’t afford to ignore seasonal design elements in their packaging.

Millennials and Gen Zers are, in fact, extremely likely to share these beautiful designs on social media. And if you can weave in your branded hashtag, they can give you a lot of free advertising in the form of user-generated content.

7. Share-worthy packaging will continue to make waves

In a world where consumers love to bask in exciting unboxing experiences, share-worthy packaging is definitely the way to go. And if you want to grab some more eyeballs on social media, elevate your packaging with visuals that lay the foundation for memorable unboxing moments.

Here is a great example from Holly & Co who've used custom packaging from noissue to guide users on how to do the perfect unboxing (which includes instructions to take a picture and share on social media).

noissue Custom Recycled Box, Compostable Tissue paper, and Recycled Card by @_hollyandco

Packaging such as these creates the perfect excuse to get more social shares. Notice how Holly & Co gives their customers a gentle nudge in the right direction by including their branded hashtag and social media handle in their message.

🎁 Wrapping it up

There is absolutely no replacement for creative, out-of-the-box, and exciting product packaging amidst all the noise and clutter today. These innovative packaging trends are some of the best ways to make your brand stand out and communicate your values. Remember, packaging can be one of the most intimate ways to advertise your brand.

Ready to get started with custom packaging? Add an eco-friendly flair to your packaging by choosing custom products that follow a circular framework, like our compostable Mailers, recyclable Boxes, and reusable Drawstring Bags. Beautifully branded, consciously designed, and starting at low MOQs, noissue is your custom packaging solution to help build your brand!