Need help wrapping your products for the holidays? Here are our top tips: create an exciting unboxing experience using custom noissue Tissue, protect products in branded Recycled Boxes or Compostable Mailers for eco-friendly delivery, and don’t forget a final branded touch with eco-friendly Stickers. Read more in this story on holiday gifting ideas!

The holidays are the perfect time to turn heads at the family function. But instead of the usual ugly Christmas sweater, why not turn your look up a notch? 👗

Tap into textiles that go beyond just looking good by shopping small and sustainably this season. You’ll be supporting global artisans and talented designers that are creating one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly clothing! From revamped vintage to tees that transform the fashion industry for the better, this gift guide will have something stylish for everyone.

Custom noissue tissue paper by @herocashmere

Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite clothing brands and small businesses from our Eco-Alliance community with must-have pieces to wear or gift. All of the customers on this guide are committed to the same values of community, sustainability, and creativity that noissue holds dear during the holiday season and beyond. So, be ready to command the attention of everyone in the room with mindful fashion! And if apparel is the name of your gifting game, then these products are sure to pleasantly surprise fashion enthusiasts.

freckl studio

For the fashion minimalists, freckl studio will fit right up your alley. This Australian-based apparel brand combines minimalism and sustainability in its refined pieces, prioritizing quality over quantity. Vivian, the founder of freckl studio, fully believes that clothing and homewares don’t have to come at a hefty price to customers or the environment – hence the brand’s commitment to avoiding plastic packaging throughout all levels of their process and use of custom noissue Tissue and Stickers! Textured tops and comfy co-ords are the calling card of freckl studio’s effortlessly versatile aesthetic, and every item is sewn from sustainable materials for earth-friendly wardrobe essentials.

Throw on freckl studio’s Textured Bone Blouse to wear from day to night, and get ready for everyone to ask where you got it!

Custom noissue tissue paper by @frecklstudio

Luna + Sun

Fast fashion can take a seat behind Luna + Sun, an apparel brand that’s leading the way toward a more ethical and sustainable fashion future! Luna + Sun started when founder Teshani wanted to create a label that benefits people and the planet. Teshani ensures that Luna + Sun’s clothing production is as sustainable as possible, from sourcing materials and reusing fabric scraps to packing orders in noissue compostable Tissue and Stickers and carbon neutral shipping. Who said that being sustainable can’t look and feel this good?

The Shanti Blouse is a bestseller on Luna + Sun, and we can see why! Light and airy, this top also comes in lovely prints and colors to match your personality.


Murlong Cres

Murlong Cres began as a passion project of founder Kaja Høglund and quickly became a budding apparel brand with beautifully crafted womenswear. Kaja found inspiration in the Indigenous word “murlong” – meaning sand – representing her deep connection to Australia while being miles away in Norway. At first, Kaja hand-sewed each garment before working with a small family factory to offer bedding and towels on top of women’s clothing. The brand is also working toward more sustainable fabric alternatives and employs a seasonal approach in creating their collections, avoiding overproduction and overconsumption. To top off a stunningly sustainable experience, Murlong Cres packages every order in whimsical noissue Tissue and Stickers that you can easily gift as is!

Pre-order the Aurora Maxi Dress before it sells out (again!) and stun everyone with this ethereal look at the holiday soiree.

Custom stickers and tissue paper by @murlongcres

Hello Vintage

Whether you’re looking for casual clothing to wear every day or want a statement piece that’ll leave a lasting impression, why not turn to vintage clothing? Hello Vintage, a brand curating vintage collections of over 20 years old, makes second-hand shopping much more sustainable. Hello Vintage’s philosophy is to curate one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and give them a second life while providing a fun atmosphere for customers to try on and shop! At Hello Vintage, you’ll find plenty of menswear, womenswear, and accessories organized by decade to immerse yourself in your wildest vintage dreams. Did we mention that they pack purchases in sturdy and flexible noissue Recycled Mailers for an altogether eco-friendly experience?

Visit Hello Vintage in Oakland, California, and feel like the main character of a period drama (Bridgerton, anyone?) while finding the perfect piece of history to gift a friend or loved one!

Recycled mailer by @hellovintagelovers

Juiced Denim

Denim that doesn’t destroy the environment? Check. Denim that’s also hand-painted and customized for a completely unique look? Also check! Juiced Denim is taking reworked denim to another level by upcycling old jeans and transforming them into jazzed-up pieces of wearable art. Julia, the London-based creator of Juiced Denim, uses a mixture of fabric paint, embroidery, and appliqués on pre-loved fabric for serious statement pieces. Best of all, an order from Juiced Denim comes consciously packaged and topped off with a custom noissue Stamp for some flair!

See Juiced Denim’s latest lineup of reworked denim on Depop – and shoot Julia a message if you’d like a custom piece specially designed!


King Cockerel

There’s beauty in the art of hand-drawn illustrations, and they’re made even better when you can wear them! King Cockerel is an apparel brand that’s taking illustrative t-shirts up a notch, with marine life and nature as main sources of inspiration. King Cockerel’s array of artsy 100% organic cotton tees are sustainably sewn and feature recycled polyester labels, entirely avoiding virgin plastics in all parts of the production process. Once you get your tee from King Cockerel, you’ll also notice that all the packaging is eco-friendly! Founder James chose branded noissue Tissue, Stickers, and protective Compostable Mailers to ensure that every purchase is good to the earth from start to finish.

Know a morning person, by any chance? King Cockerel’s The Early Riser tee gives off easy, breezy vibes to chug on through any part of the day.

Custom tissue paper and compostable mailer by @king_cockerel_co

Hero Cashmere

Cashmere is often seen as a super exclusive and expensive fabric – but Hero Cashmere rises to the challenge! Based in Edinburgh and crafted by artisans in Mongolia, Hero Cashmere was founded on making this comfy and reliable fabric more accessible and ethical. You’ll find gender-neutral classics in Hero Cashmere’s offerings of chic knits, leggings, loungewear, and accessories. Carrie, the founder of Hero Cashmere, turns to minimalistic noissue Tissue for protecting her orders, so you can enjoy your cashmere without generating any extra packaging waste!

The Ribbed Headband makes for an excellent one-size-fits-all stocking stuffer. Plus, it’ll have you covered in the coldest of weather!


Sunies Official

Sunies is truly the earth’s sole-mate – this Austria-based shoe brand makes footwear more sustainable without sacrificing quality! Sunies’ products are thoughtfully designed in Europe and produced in Brazil from 100% recyclable, waterproof, and vegan materials. The Founder of Sunies, Alessandra, aims to create shoes that serve beyond a single use. Sunies’ sandals are a comfortable companion to wear from home to the office, beach, dinner, and dancing – all on the same day!

Grab a pair of Sunies for you and a loved one (or three) –and don’t forget a set for your littlest! Every Sunies shoe order comes in durable, plant-based noissue Compostable Mailers, so you’ll be gifting guilt-free.


🎁 Wrapping it up

Fashion lovers are going to have a field day when they receive their stylish and sustainable gifts! And these apparel items are meant to last beyond the holidays, so your recipient can enjoy switching up their look throughout the season.

Include an eco-friendly touch to your presents with compostable wrapping Tissue, Tape, and more from noissue! Head to our Inspiration Station series on The Wrap for custom packaging ideas to go along with your generous gifts. And if you’re in need of a holiday branding makeover, we’ve got you covered with plenty of new, sustainable packaging products, from recycled custom Boxes to reusable Drawstring Bags!

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