It’s time to glow up! Looking gorgeous is a big deal for cosmetics beauty brands, and the packaging of products is vital to your brand's success – including the all-important unboxing experience.

Put your best face forward by using packaging products such as custom tissue paper and branded stickers. These eco-friendly packaging materials provide an easy and effective way to present your products in the most attractive way possible, while keeping plastic packaging out of circulation.

Custom tissue paper brings an injection of your brand's personality to any packaging, while adding a sticker provides a stylish and playful touch that binds your parcel together. And with both being made from 100% FSC certified acid-free paper and eco-friendly soy-based inks, both are heavy-hitters the sustainability sphere.

Want to take your packaging to the next level? Here are 8 sustainable packaging cosmetic brand examples whose custom stickers and tissue paper meet the definition of 'clean beauty'.



Purple tissue paper and tape packaging

No prizes for guessing what Lilasuds, soap maker and lover of all things bathtime, favorite color is. Lilac, violet, mauve: these purples  shades are often used as a calming influence in color psychology, which is why it’s so often used in many beauty brands' marketing and packaging.

Mixing the soothing lighter tones of the water-activated tape, with the richer purple of the tissue and stickers, projects an instant view that Lilasuds is a brand that oozes luxury and indulgence.

Owner Desirée Velázquez Rodríguez knows that a huge part of her customers' experience is in the joy of unboxing their products: “When I package an order, I want them to feel like they are getting their money's worth and then some. I want them to feel like they are truly gifting themselves the love of self-care.”

Anyone else craving a bubble bath right now?

Da lish Cosmetics


Tissue paper packaging and cosmetics

Your packaging should be an extension of your brand’s identity and ethos. For Da Lish Cosmetics, their focus on ethical and eco-friendly products had to transfer onto their packaging too. So it’s no surprise that they chose to partner up with noissue's custom, eco-friendly tissue paper.

Sustainable packaging for a sustainable brand is a no-brainer and our tissue is not only made from acid-free paper, but your design is printed onto them using earth-friendly soy-based inks that leave no nasty surprises behind in the environment.

We love the simple effectiveness of da lish cosmetics’ golden text logo on a clean white background, partnered with a sticker that shows off more of their products in delicious detail. Uncomplicated design for uncomplicated beauty.

Chok Chok Skin

Pink tissue paper packaging

Name a better color duo than black and pink. Go on, we’ll wait! This classic color combo is striking in packaging, as the juxtaposition of the blushing pastel pink with the boldness of the black truly elevates the customer experience. This mix of colors feels modern, funky, and fresh, just like the Korean skincare brand itself.

Extra kudos to Chok Chok Skin for not only being super stylish in their packaging but also for including handwritten thank you notes to their customers to boost these relationships into the stratosphere. Talk about the ultimate contouring of the beauty world!

Little Danube


Pink tissue paper packaging

Vegan soap brand Little Danube makes nostalgic packaging as naturally as soap makes suds. Their illustrated tissue design is something akin to Pop Art of the 1960s, which is reflected in the look of their funky bubble-art products.

Its founder, Katrina, knows first-hand how packaging can make a huge difference to customers overall purchasing experience: “As a customer, I love the unboxing experience, and when looking for packaging for my products, I wanted something that was in line with my branding and can be personalized.

Green + Bare


Custom sticker and tissue paper packaging

Australian natural skincare company Green + Bare pride themselves in only selling beauty essentials that are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain zero nasty surprises. Just like their packaging!

The muted tones of their tissue and sticker combo show off brand colors that are as clean and fresh as their products. Different hues of the same color can make it easier and faster for maintaining a cohesive branding and Green + Bare’s uncomplicated natural wrapping design is complemented by the branded logo sticker that brings it all together. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

Cosmetics by Tatiana


Earrings and tissue paper packaging

Confidence. Empowerment. Embracing your uniqueness. These are all ideals that Cosmetics by Tatiana pushes towards their customers.

A vibrant fuschia pink logo is enough to get us hot under the color, and it’s just perfect on a clean white background.

Founders Tatiana and Adriana believe that building strong relationships with their customers doesn’t begin and end with their products: "The unravelling of a beautiful packaged parcel gives you the sensation of uniqueness & individuality. Your senses are heightened as you know someone has taken the time to wrap this gift for you.” Be You(tiful).

Apricota Artisan Soaps


Custom tissue paper packaging

Handcrafted soap brand Apricota Artisan Soaps wrap their luxury products in zesty little orange numbers like this tantalizing tissue! And with a name like Apricota, there was only one color they could use on their tissue, stickers, card – great color choice, great branding.

Founder and soap lover, Narinè, knows decent packaging can be game-changing for any brand: "Coming from a marketing background, I strongly believe in branding and brand identity. Custom packaging plays a big role in those two. All the visuals have to represent your brand. I also think that unpacking brings as much joy as actually the products.”

And as for the little extras, a finishing touch of a branded thank you card can work wonders. “Putting so much effort in every detail shows the customer the overall quality of the brand." Amen to that!

Body Spritz


Fake tan products and a compostable mailer

If loving pretty in pink packaging is a crime, we plead guilty. Australian eco-friendly tanning brand Body Spritz uses the exact pink of their products in their tissue and stickers to compliment their brand and fit perfectly with their aesthetic.

Body Spritz’s true dedication to sustainability means they strive to create an unboxing experience that isn't tarnished by excessive amounts of single-use plastic.

"Being so closely affiliated with the beach, ocean, and its environmental sustainability is (literally) the air we breathe," says Edward, co-founder of Body Spritz. “Working with noissue has been a dream come true! We are able to fully customise all of our packaging to suit our brand and to have it produced in a way that helps the environment is incredible.“

Wrapping up

Has inspiration hit yet? Well, now it’s your turn. Take these ideas and jump onto noissue’s super-simple-to-use design and upload platform to create your own tissue and sticker combo today. Remember that a great unboxing experience for your beauty products doesn't have to include plastic waste.

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