noissue Recycled Custom Poly Mailer design by @sarabealedesign

Athleisure is a fashion trend that’s here to stay, and for a good reason. Who doesn’t love to look and feel good all day and during any activity?

And high-quality, eco-friendly activewear shouldn’t be exclusive to the pros. It’s why our August #noissuePrompt was inspired by making athleisure accessible and sustainable – without losing on style!

💪 About #noissuePrompt

Each month, we invite our Creative Community to stretch their design muscles and participate in a #noissuePrompt branding challenge. These prompts are held to promote creativity, exposure, and collaboration within our community while inspiring our small business owners.

Whether through a unique brand concept or showing a new style, we encourage our creatives to run free with fresh ideas on sustainable packaging!

🤸‍♀️ Making Play Fair for All

Last month’s prompt tasked talented creatives with creating a branding suite for Play Fair, an athleisure clothing brand making the active lifestyle fun for everyone. The company empowers individuals through sustainable and size-inclusive activewear.

Our community got their heads in the game to create branding that encapsulates Play Fair’s body positivity and sustainability mission. What resulted were branded packaging creations that inspire us to move, dance, play, and do while loving ourselves and the environment!

✏️ The Details

To keep Play Fair’s packaging true to the brand’s values, creatives were encouraged to craft a compelling branding suite and personalize noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Poly Mailers and Recycled Custom Clothing Hangtags. These eco-friendly packaging products are made from recycled materials instead of virgin materials and are 100% recyclable.

♻️ About our Recycled and Recyclable Poly Mailers

Apparel brands must be aware of how much packaging they could produce by using non-recyclable and new plastic poly mailers. To combat the waste that clutters our global landfills, brands can turn to custom poly mailers made from recycled materials which can be recycled where soft plastics are accepted. Our recycled and recyclable custom poly mailers are perfect for protecting products while renewing previously used materials!

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Poly Mailers prevent packaging waste from ending in landfills and feature a second adhesive to encourage reuse. They’re customizable on both sides, and designs are printed in eco-friendly inks that won't affect recyclability. Since these poly mailers are durable and weatherproof, brands can reliably ship their sustainable activewear without worrying about tearing or damage to any beautiful branding.

Recyclable poly mailers pair well with recycled, custom clothing hangtags that can contain product care information or recycling instructions. Together, this sustainable packaging set is a sure score for people and the planet!

For our August #noissuePrompt, recycled custom poly mailers and hangtags follow Play Fair’s ethos of prioritizing sustainability while celebrating inclusivity and creativity. Check out how to create your own custom recycled poly mailers here, and have your brand stand out above the competition through quality, sustainable packaging.

🌟See the All-Star Designs from August’s #noissuePrompt

Our creatives never disappoint in designing an impressive and earth-friendly unboxing experience. Check out these all-star entries below!

🏆 Presenting our August #noissuePrompt Winner!

Sara Beale


Sara Beale is a brand and graphic designer based in Australia who is about achieving the perfect visual stamp for businesses of all sizes. When Sara tackled August’s prompt, she went all-out and emphasized Play Fair’s brand values in a striking color palette of lilac and cobalt. It’s bold, brilliant, and perfectly balanced branding with its logo and type counterparts.

noissue Recycled Custom Poly Mailers and Recycled Custom Hangtags by @sarabealedesign

“Together Powerful” is the slogan that Sara crafted to complement Play Fair’s dedication to size-inclusivity and sustainability. Sara’s custom poly mailers and hangtags embody the beauty of play in any way, for anyone – fair and square. Congratulations on being our August #noissueprompt winner!

🎖️ Here are Standout Designs from our Finalists!

Good Noodle Doodles


Now, this is a design that immediately caught our playful eyes! Chengsu, the experimental graphic and brand designer behind Good Noodle Doodles, enjoys creating cool, cutting-edge designs for food packaging and more. For Play Fair’s branding, they adopted a radiant color palette to signify the brand’s outlook toward body positivity and enjoying being active in any form.

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Poly Mailers by @good.noodle.doodles‌‌

We’re especially delighted by the logo that Good Noodle Doodles created with a fun flair! A clean background for the recycled poly mailer and clothing hangtag makes the chic center design pop out to play even more.

Studio B Design


Get moving and grooving with this retro-inspired take from Studio B Design! The UK-based creative branding agency specializes in design for female-led businesses, empowering women to follow their dreams in business. For Play Fair, Studio B Design amped up the sass through optimistic colors, curves, and waves symbolizing freedom, movement, and femininity.

noissue Recyclable Custom Poly Mailers and Recycled Custom Hangtags by @studiobdesignuk

The brand’s recycled poly mailers and hangtags are game, set, and match when mixed with some poppy sass through colors and shapes symbolizing movement. Based on the bright branding, you can’t help but want to wear a Play Fair fit for the sunnier days ahead!

Ten Fourteen Designs


Cool off and down in a color scheme that radiates complete chill after an excellent workout! Ten Fourteen Designs by Valerie Vega, a brand identity designer, crafts passionate and purposeful brands based in the heart of New Zealand. The branding for Play Fair on custom, recycled poly mailers uses humor to make activewear less serious and more approachable for everyone.

noissue Recycled Custom Poly Mailer design by @tenfourteendesigns

Take a peek at the sustainability information included on the back of the poly mailers. What would typically be a break-line is transformed into a call-to-action for customers to reuse or recycle their packaging for an unforgettable – and more sustainable – brand experience. No hard feelings when it comes to ending relationships with excessive waste!

🎁 Wrapping It Up

We hope August’s #noissuePrompt inspires your brand to do the same while showing off your style! Check out noissue’s custom, recycled, and recyclable poly mailers to stock up on beautifully branded shipping supplies. Here’s to making moves that don’t compromise sustainability!

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