Creative packaging can elevate a good product into an exciting experience.

And when it comes to branding that packaging, there’s no better way to add a touch of charm and personality than by including some cute little creatures in your designs.

Animal-themed packaging is an increasingly popular aesthetic that brings a touch of fun personality to otherwise plain packaging. Adding furry or feathered friends can help create an unboxing experience that has the wow-factor.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be David Attenborough to discover new and exciting species of animal packaging! Here are some animal-themed packaging designs guaranteed to delight and inspire. Time to get your paws and claws into these beauties!

1. Bea Muller


Flora, fauna, and fabulousness! With every animal on Earth to choose from, whatever you need, there’s a perfect style, color and critter for you.

We love packaging that mixes them all together. Cohesive or contrasting, you can't go wrong!

London-based illustrator Bea Muller’s take on the great outdoors sends us soaring sky high with the birds.

The delicate feathery-friend pattern is gorgeous in pink and peach, and it’s contrasting color palette sets it apart from the equally striking custom card attached to the front. Adding this extra piece of art not only gives a little gift to customers, but also leaves us all feline good!


Black, white, bronze and every animal under the sun! Whimsical and wonderful, not only is this tissue design attractive for children, but these lovely animal illustrations are bound to release endorphins in grown-up brains too.

By going custom you call the shots on what you want to include on your packaging – which, like Wee Gallery, can be everything!

We are big fans of black and white themes, and Wee Gallery founders Surya and Dave explain the importance of their color choice: “High-contrast imagery offers the best opportunity for newborns to focus on visual stimuli and promotes visual exploration and engagement.”

Now that’s smart art for growing minds – and adult ones!

3. Jennifer Orkin Lewis


This super fly design gives us butterflies! Bright and beautiful, there’s no limit to the colors you can use in your noissue tape - as seen here in artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis’ colorful creation.

We love that it's paired with a subtle mint green of her tissue so that the whole package doesn't overwhelm your senses too much (and ensures the tape stands out!)

Want to ensure those bright colors stay vibrant? Our noissue tape prints your designs with soy-based inks – a renewable resource that’s eco-friendly and produces high quality color.

4. Black Lamb Studio


Does your packaging need a new leash on life? Are you sniffing around for the ulti-mutt design idea? Miami based Black Lamb Studio prove they’re one classy mother pupper with their bright and funky packaging range.

We are in love with their pretty-in-pink doodle illustrations. Black Lamb Studio produces artwork that is fun, fresh and guaranteed to put a smile on your face – so why would their packaging design be any different?

Founder and self-confessed dog mom Isabel, says: “From the beginning, my vision has been simple: To make the world a more colorful place and to make people smile with my playful designs."

5. Christopher John Maxwell


Looking for animal-themed designs that stand out from the crowd? You’ve come to the right plaice! Artist Christopher Maxwell takes the oppor-tuna-ty to shine the spotlight on his unique style with these incredible big-eyed illustrations.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but none are as cool as these little guys. The contrast between the bright blue tissue background and siren-red ladybug sticker is genius.

Talk about creating an eye-catching instant connection between their brand and the customer. With great packaging design – any fin is possible.

6. Mocha Mochi Cake


Whale, whale, whale, will you look at this – animals and food (two of our favorite things) doodled in an irresistible kawaii fashion!

One way to achieve brand recognition is through consistency. Mocha’s unmistakable style is clearly expressed on their new noissue tissue and organic cotton tote bag! Different doodles, different packaging items, same unique style! With designs this good, you just know everything whale be alright!

7. Karla Cola


Well shello there! We are tickled pink by this super bright, super unusual tissue design by designer and color lover, Karla Cola.

Passionate about producing unique and colorful patterns for her clothing range, Karla shows off her brand's dazzling personality by wrapping orders in something just as unique!

Contrasting pinks, from pastel to fuschia, match perfectly with the sophisticated black and white logo custom sticker. And what better animal to reflect your favourite color than an iconic pink lobster? Now that’s one shell of a packaging design!

8. Saga Mariah


Animal designs don’t always have to focus on the whimsy. For brands wanting to verge on the more sophisticated side of life, depictions of our furry and feathered friends are used in a more polished way, adding elegance to quality products.

Take this stunning design by illustrator Saga Mariah. The effective contrast between the deep night-sky background and the bright white illustrations give some basking-in-the-moonlight vibes. Add a special touch of the dark brown string and we are in rustic heaven!

Saga Mariah uses her tissue as an extension of her own artwork, which is a genius way to instantly show off her brand aesthetic. Packaging this perfect is ideal for sharing on social media and beyond!

Wrapping it up

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing! We’re not lion when we say we absolutely love seeing all of the fresh new packaging designs from our customers.

Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with your designs! And be sure to post your new designs on social media and tag us on Instagram or Pinterest.