Broad Street Oyster Co.’s flagship in Malibu, California

Across California, summer is not complete without the glittering sea, the raging sun, and the irresistible seafood creations of everyone’s favorite lobster and oyster shack, Broad Street Oyster Co. Their signature lobster rolls are an absolute must-try on their menu. Pair it with a buzzing glass of beer or with any of their other specialties, like oysters and seafood platters, and you’re good to go!

Located in several places across sunny Cali—Malibu, Huntington Beach Pier, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles—Broad Street will soon be more accessible to its patrons outside the area as they embark on another journey leading to their first ever brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco (more about this on their Instagram).

Christopher Tompkins, founder and owner of Broad Street Oyster Co.

As with most ventures, it all started as a dream for founder and owner Christopher Tompkins. The dream was to open up a seafood food truck, which, over the course of several years, was put on hold until 2017 came. He took a leap, started Broad Street in his van, and roamed around Los Angeles to serve up New England-inspired lobster rolls.

The infamous Chilled w/ Mayo and Warm w/ Butter Lobster Rolls

After years of catering, pop-ups, and other such events, in 2019, Broad Street finally opened the doors of their Malibu flagship and has since become a favorite among locals and one of the most sought-after seafood destinations in and out of California among food enthusiasts.

Great food like Broad Street’s requires a food packaging partner that not only helps maximize the overall mouthwatering look of their dishes but further elevates the dining experience of each and every customer that walks through the door with on-brand, quality-made, and, above all, sustainable packaging options and alternatives. So they collaborated with noissue.

Broad Street uses our compostable FSC- and FDA-certified Custom Food Paper to line the containers for their lobster rolls and wrap their burgers.

Then, to seal up the containers and label them per flavor, they use our recyclable Custom Roll Labels, which are made with acid-free, FSC-certified paper. They also use our Custom Die Cut Sticker Rolls, both for the shack and their coffee shop, which stand just right next door.

And to keep everything nice and easy for handling and carrying for delivery and takeout, they also use our reusable Custom Paper Bags.

Lastly, nothing beats finishing up a whole satisfying meal with a freshly poured beer or your chosen drink in our Custom Cold Cups. These cups are not only fully customizable, but recyclable and reusable too!

If all these still left you wanting for more, then head on over to the nearest Broad Street Oyster Co. branch and get yourself the best lobster roll in town, or visit their website here: