It’s such an irresistible idea to escape from the always-busy, always-hustling world of the urban city to the fresh, crisp air of the mountains or the warm summer breeze in some Mediterranean city to reinvigorate, recharge, and relax. But whether you end up with the post-vacation blues or are just overall in need of some new scents to indulge in at home, Summit & Terrace has got you!

Summit & Terrace specializes in scents that remind you of wonderful places beyond home and bring them closer to home for you to enjoy whenever you want. It was founded by two sisters, Michaela and Desiree Oldani, in 2019 after years of experimenting with scents, ingredients, and materials that would procure them a clean, non-toxic candle line that would soon help launch the brand.

In time for the winter season, Summit & Terrace released a new scent called Après Ski, which is reminiscent of the 50’s ski culture in the Alps. Summit & Terrace also launched a few more products to complete the collection and rounded it all up with an on-theme and sustainable packaging suite, which they partnered with noissue for. Learn about Summit & Terrace’s noissue packaging essentials and more about their story only here!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Summit & Terrace is a sister founded home fragrance brand. At S&T, we strive to tell stories through our clean scents.

Desiree Oldani, one of the co-founders of Summit & Terrace

After our family dog, Murphy, passed from lung cancer, there was a realization that the candles we were burning at home could have been a contributing factor. Although we don’t know what caused his cancer, we couldn’t shake the idea that potentially toxic candles could be to blame.

So we researched various materials until we eventually started hand pouring candles in our tiny studio apartment in Seattle. All of our candles are made with proprietary coconut soy wax blends, infused with phthalate & paraben free oils that adhere to IFRA standards and are topped with either an FSC certified wooden wick or a zinc/lead free cotton wick.  After two years of testing, we launched our Marketplace line in 2019 before introducing our fine fragrance line, the Muse Collection, in 2022.

A display of some of the scents from their Muse Collection

To honor our familial roots and favorite memories, we chose the name Summit to reference the Swiss & Italian Alps as part of our ancestry and all the months we spent there. The name Terrace was chosen as a way to honor our late grandmother and the immense amount of time we spent daydreaming with her on the terrace in the lush summers. Our logo mark not only represents a candle wick being blown out in the shape of an S & T but also utilizes Swiss design principles in our typeface.

Our candle fragrances go through a rigorous design process with hours of mood boarding, testing, and carefully selected names. The Muse collection in particular follows 4 totally different women throughout a single day - from the early morning to dusk. Beginning with lighter fragrances in the morning to more sexy masculine fragrances for the evening. All of the Muse fragrances tie back to a slow Mediterranean lifestyle. From Ligurian Neroli to Cyprus Cedar.

A look inside the Summit & Terrace flagship store in Seattle, Washington

Our recent growth has allowed us to build on our vision and open a Mediterranean inspired collective featuring our home fragrances and other like minded brands - aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and female or family founded. Summit & Terrace has become a Mediterranean destination for elevated gifting and noted as a serene hideaway nestled within the modern hustle in Seattle.

The store’s window display featuring their recent collection, Après Ski

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

The Après Ski Club - a homage to our family roots in Switzerland and the desire to recreate the 50’s ski culture in the Alps. Once we curated the fragrance for the Après Ski candle, we knew we wanted to continue to play with the Après Ski theme for the ’23/’24 Winter season.

After all, Après Ski has such a vibe and you feel like you’re in an exclusive club with other strangers who become your best friends for the day over cocktails. This created the Après Ski Club by Summit & Terrace.

We worked with our graphic designer, Janine Rhodes of JMR Graphic Design, to align our winter theme with our overall branding for our Organic Cotton Tote - Après Ski Club by Summit & Terrace. Our customers love this tote to shop at the local farmers market, house books for a Sunday afternoon coffee shop date or keep an S&T candle safe on the walk home from our boutique.

Our Custom Tote Bags designed by @summitandterrace

To round out the Après Ski Club collection, we wrapped the Après Ski Candle in a recycled Furoshiki gift wrap, ran a limited quantity of Après Ski Sweatshirts and had glass Gondola Ornaments available.

In addition to our new favorite Après Ski Club tote bag, the classic black and white branded ribbon is a staple for orders in-store and online. And who doesn’t love a branded compostable washi tape - it is such an easy addition to our packaging suite especially for our notes to customers.

Our Custom Recycled Satin Ribbon and Custom Washi Tape for @summitandterrace

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

As part of our ‘Planet Practices’, we do our best to work with sustainable brands who do not compromise on quality. Sustainability is a core value of S&T and saved the brand during the pandemic. noissue's commitment to sustainability and circular economy is the perfect partner for our sustainable packaging suite.

Remember when all the ships were stuck in ports? Our recycled glassware comes directly from Spain and was stuck in a port. In order to keep up with our production and demand, we implemented a recycling program which gave our brand a lifeline.  To this day, customers bring back recycled candle glass in exchange for a discount on their next candle. Our team sanitizes and reuses the returned glass for freshly poured candles.

Working with noissue to continue our goal of sustainability was a no-brainer when it came to creating our Après Ski organic cotton tote bags, S&T recycled satin ribbon, and compostable washi tape.