Nothing beats a pair of well-made glasses, especially when they’re from Brook Eyewear. They are made from quality materials, thoughtfully and expertly crafted, and, above all, just look absolutely fantastic. Not only that, the brand is committed to sustainability; they take responsibility for their impact on the environment by opting for a made-to-order process to ensure that they only produce what is necessary, which helps minimize waste.

All of their glasses, from prescription to leisure-style, are created at their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headquarters by a small team of designers, optical experts, and craftspeople. The acetate material used for the frames are sourced from Milan, Italy so each and every piece has a personality of its own and is completely unique.

Brook Eyewear just launched in October of last year, and for their merchandise, they partnered with noissue to create the perfect shopping accessory that would complete the collection. Read on to find out more about Brook Eyewear’s brand story, design inspiration, and packaging journey!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

At Brook Eyewear, we’re a team of creators and eyewear professionals dedicated to supply chain transparency, quality materials, and ethical manufacturing. Our frames, meticulously crafted in our Pittsburgh, PA factory from premium Italian acetate, are available as prescription eyewear, chic readers, sunglasses, and blue-light blockers.

Prioritizing craftsmanship over fast fashion, we don’t aim to be the cheapest but strive to be the best-made and most honest eyewear company online. Our commitment to sustainability shines through small-batch production and minimizing waste. With our passionate small team, each Brook Eyewear frame is a source of pride.

The team behind Brook Eyewear at their Pittsburgh factory

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

Phoebe Thomas, our in-house senior graphic designer, illustrated the design on the Brook Eyewear tote bag. A playful take on a branded tote, our bag reflects the vibrant spirit of our eyewear. Phoebe aimed to design something less corporate than typical reusable totes, something that our customers would find themselves grabbing day after day. While a reusable tote is a practical must, we believe it should also be a source of joy. Because at Brook Eyewear, we don't just embrace function; we make it fun.

Designer Phoebe Thomas pictured together with the Brook Tote

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

Inspired to create something that people would want to use everyday, the custom tote bag in organic cotton from noissue was the perfect canvas for our Brook Tote. We always try to support like-minded businesses, and selecting noissue, with its commitment to sustainability and best business practices, was a natural fit.

As a brand, our work ethic is serious, but our aesthetic is always fun first. Our glasses and merchandise focus on wearable color, inspired design, and everyday functionality. What started as a gifting and promotional item has been so popular that we launched it as an accessory on our website. It's gratifying to see our customers embrace this product, often making it a delightful addition to their eyewear purchases.