You don't need a rocketship to nestle amongst the stars.

Celestial themed packaging transports your customers into outer space – and into a whole new world of engaging design.

Want to elevate your unboxing experience straight into the stratosphere? Capture the starry night sky and make your packaging shine! Here at noissue we love well-designed custom packaging, even more so when it’s fun, futuristic, and guaranteed to leave stars in your eyes.

So fasten your seatbelt, it’s time to blast off into a world of intergalactic inspiration! Check out these pioneering brands whose celestial themed designs are simply out of this world.

1. Black & White


A classic black and white combo is a no-brainer when thinking of celestial themed design. The two colors result in dreamy, elegant packaging that perfectly reflects the night sky. We can almost feel the crisp night air!

@moonmagiclight's silvery white star, moon and sparkle doodles look amazing on black! Illustrations like these add a playful touch to the sophisticated color scheme, and their simple logo sticker creates a perfect cohesive focal point. We want to look at this gorgeous number morning, moon and night!

2. Golden Glow


Everything looks better during golden hour. And that fleeting moment is transformed into a permanent glow of gorgeousness through metallic custom tissue designs like this from Full Moon Market.

Their lunar and celestial symbols look striking in white, with both fine and bold lines coming into play. And check out that sticker holding everything together! Swapping around the color layout creates an eye-catching focal point that still matches the rest of the packaging perfectly. We love how their unusual use of a rectangular shaped sticker adds an extra touch of unique flair.

3. Celestial Cute

@manureva.studio + @shopeveningstar

Once in a blue moon a packaging design comes along that makes us feel star-struck. This little number takes the celestial theme and injects a heavy amount of fun – what an irresistible cosmic combo.

If you’re not instantly in love with Manureva Studio’s strong French blue color choice, we know you will be as soon as you spot that cute little star sticker! Incorporating hand drawn doodles into the design instantly shows off their elegant but relatable, playful but understated personality. Whimsy at it’s finest, who can resist packaging that isn't too Sirius?

4. Space-Age Shine


Celestial themes don’t need to stick with tried-and-tested blue, black or gold color palette you know! Shake things up and mix some space-themed illustrations with untraditional shades to stand out from the crowd. The yellows and soft reds in this tissue paper design by painter Al (@lilstarnerd) makes her design hotter than the Sun!

"I am IN LOVE with this tissue paper from noissue! I got to custom design it and I am FLOORED by how good it looks!” says Al. “It’s making me so excited to open a shop just so I can start wrapping orders in these bad boys." We can’t help but agree with you Al – looking at this takes us higher than a NASA astronaut!

5. Sun & Moon


Want to elevate your packaging into another galaxy, but not sure where to start? One (Milky) way to make your mark is to use a single custom item to add identity to plain packages. Customized tape or stickers are a quick and easy way to brand a boring box or envelope, and they won't break the bank!

Just check out this tape by artist Alja Horvat. Ethereal and poetic, this design wouldn't look out of place in a classical art gallery. The simple use of custom celestial-themed tape adds a true touch of class to plain packaging, and all she has to do is stick it on down. We want to get our hands on this otherworldly little number lunar rather than later please!

6. To the Stars


Sometimes simple designs can be the most effective. Having a recognisable illustration or pattern that is repeated over a range of packaging options can create a truly striking and cohesive unboxing experience for your customers. This golden star design by Ad Astra links it’s logo, tissue, stickers, stamps and custom cards with the same theme – branding at its best.

Co-founders of Ad Astra the Label, Maylynne Tilden and Alyson Morilla said: “We wanted to make sure our custom packaging was thoughtful and conveyed the feeling of a bit of magic that we hope our items do.” Their simple yet effective packaging design sets them worlds apart from their competitors. So star, so good!

Hello Planet Packaging!

Plain packaging needs to be banished into outer space – It’s time to enter a whole new universe of customized design. Spread some twinkling magic that you don’t need a telescope to enjoy – get creative and make your 5-star mark on a range of packaging from tissue and stickers to mailers.