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‘Tis the season of letting the kids eat dessert for dinner, cuddles in front of a festive movie, and gifting them all the good stuff. And the children we know take their gift list very seriously.

Giving a wrapped up present to a child unleashes a certain kind of magic. But the question is, what do you get them? Cool clothes make kids feel special and look cool, and it saves parents from buying so much as they grow! That’s practical (but far from boring) joy all tied up with a bow.

So jump into our pick of the best childrenswear gifts of the season. Get inspired, go forth and gift shop with ease!

The Pine Company

Canadian apparel brand The Pine Company prides itself on original prints and hand-me-down quality pieces certain to make any wearer feel snuggly. Their Acorn Collection is made with that exact comfortable feeling in mind. Scrumptious squirrel prints in beautiful autumnal shades are perfect for cozying on down this holiday season.

Plus, they’re super sustainable. Ethically made clothing that's durable enough to be handed down to the next kid? It’s a gift that makes everyone involved feel good.


Captain Gee

When in doubt, go bright! Captain Gee is a Malaysian kids clothing brand that creates bright tiny clothes for fun tiny children. We think all boys and girls should be able to dress like kids and enjoy all the colors of the rainbow.

Captain Gee thinks so too! Their WARNA Collection Eid 21' shows off funky vivid traditional wear that is loose fitting and perfect for tropical climates. The pictured merah hati item is perfect for girls who love to run and feel free. Certain to bring a kaleidoscope of color to anyone’s wardrobe – just don’t be surprised if your little one wants to dress up in these items every day.


Baraban Kids

Baraban Kids is an Italian family-focused project that expresses itself through 100% handmade and organic clothing and accessories for youngsters. To add an extra pinch of fun, many of their products are customizable! I mean, which kid doesn’t love seeing their name written on every single little thing?

We love the bright colored prints and personalized backpacks for babies – check out the designs! Baraban Kids’ commitment to sustainability is also solidified by sending out their products in eco-friendly packaging by noissue. Respecting the Earth is respecting the future of our children – so why not do it in style?


Lulu and Milly

Girls sure are sugar, spice and all things nice. And one of the nicest things about girls is getting to dress them up in adorable outfits right? Lulu and Milly design and produce beautiful organic clothing for our little princesses that feel luxe and cute.

Based in Australia, these down under designers show the world they are at the very top of the clothing game with their latest TIMELESS Collection. Comprising of delightful floral leggings and matching headbands, this is the perfect combo to highlight the cuteness of any little girl. Beware: A high amount of cheek pinching will occur in these outfits!


Pepi Collection

Babies poop. A lot. There’s not much we can do to stop that, but we can make changes to eliminate any additional waste. It’s estimated that 20 billion disposable diapers are added to landfills every year in the US alone. Not only are they dirty and dangerous for the environment, but the average parent spends a total of $3000 on them per baby. Ouch.

With the financial and environmental cost too high to ignore, companies like UK&NZ based Pepi Collection are creating reusable cloth nappies. Adorned with hand-drawn illustrations they make being an eco-warrior even more stylish. The Pepi Collection nappy bundles are the ideal way to affordably start your reusable nappy journey and man are they eye catchingly cute too!



Now here’s a baby clothing brand on a mission to save the planet one clothing bundle at a time! Offering both preloved (but in perfect condition) baby clothes and brand new past season beauties, Australian kidswear brand Toddles knows the value in passing good things to others.

We love the preloved summerwear items that are available, perfect for getting sandy at the beach! And Toddles new clothing is sold cheaply and cheerfully from the very best Aussie brands who pass on their unsold stock to lucky people like you. Thank you Santa!



Japanese kids clothing brand Zoologia has THE coolest kids clothing around. Who can resist this whimsical and delightful flamingo print jumpsuit? It’s is cool in the summer with a T-shirt and warm in the winter with some snuggly knitwear, and the vivid pink bird is guaranteed to put a smile on a little ones face. Do they do one in adult size? Asking for a friend!

Zoologia is dedicated to making clothes with less environmental impact using natural and recycled materials. They use vintage zoology illustrations throughout their designs and produce clothes with prints inspired by endangered species. And they pay their models too! The animals featured on their designs are paid a nice % of their product sales (through wildlife and environmental protection groups of course!)



Bopotin brings that famous French style straight onto babies (and momma’s) bottoms. They specialize in reusable cloth nappies and period positive menstrual panties that eliminate the need for tonnes of waste. Good for baby, good for the planet, good for your wallet.

Bopotin’s 100% handmade, high-quality reusable cloth nappies are practical, easy to use and super pretty! We just love the designs, and for an extra fun factor, you can get matching sets for baby and mom! Who knew pants could be so cute?


🎁 That’s A Wrap!

Buying even one gift from these awesome brands not only supports small businesses but also promotes sustainable apparel guaranteed to make the little people in your life look way too cool for school.

Check out The Wrap for more gift guides to help you find the perfect present for the loved ones in your life and our Instagram, @noissueco, for all the inspo you need for refreshing your brand packaging this holiday season. Be merry and bright!