noissue Compostable Custom Tissue Paper and Custom Recycled Card by @bluehourgoods

In need of a breather? No stress!

It’s no secret that scents can improve one’s mood, energy levels, and well-being. Aromatherapy can bring plenty of calm during stressful moments! While it’s easy to go all out with the smells, it’s crucial to use aromatherapy products that are not only well-made but won’t harm humans, animals, and the environment.

Modern aromatherapy businesses can set a standard in the industry by consciously creating and packaging their products. Blue Hour Goods is an aromatherapy brand that’s not only deeply committed to sustainability but ethically produces curated herbal self-care goods in limited batches!

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Blue Hour Goods provides self-care offerings created from responsibly sourced essential oils. Born out of the time spent during nationwide lockdowns during COVID-19, founder Maria Fernanda Lozano started Blue Hour Goods to address the need for mindfulness and self-care practice. As a senior in college, Lozano took part in a think tank-like school competition, where she initially started a sustainable lingerie business.

Maria Fernanda Lozano, founder of @bluehourgoods.‌‌

She researched dye and fabric alternatives throughout the competition, especially natural plant dyes and herbalism. “I started playing around with natural dyes derived from different fruits, vegetables, tree barks, and plants,” Lozano says. But, things quickly changed as COVID-19 halted in-person activities.

As behaviors and routines transformed for many, Lozano envisioned different ways to counteract stress with self-care. She shares, “I was stressed out of my mind at the time given the current state of the world and the uncertainty of my future, but I would read about different herbs that could help calm anxiety and stress.”

Lozano then began sewing lavender-infused satin pillows to help improve her sleep health. The pillow-making process she documented on Instagram then grew into eager demand from family, friends, and her community. It wouldn’t be long until she launched Blue Hour Goods in the fall of 2020!

The brand is on a mission to help people feel more present, rested, and recharged through aromatherapy goods. Blue Hour Goods also goes above and beyond with the ethical products they produce and their branding! Lozano wanted the brand to exude a calm, contemporary feel through an ultra-chic brand presentation.

Lozano sews @bluehourgoods handmade, multipurpose Aromatherapy Pillows.

Blue Hour Goods stays true to its bright personality and brand mission by using a cool-toned color palette, organic shapes, and a bubbly logo throughout its website and physical packaging. The thoughtfulness doesn’t end there! Lozano wanted premium packaging and shipping supplies that wouldn’t result in excess waste and discovered noissue’s sustainability values.

“Sustainability and transparency are key pillars for my business, and I’m so happy to work with a company whose values align with mine!”

Branding has come a long way for Blue Hour Goods since Lozano first invested in a logo, which later helped define the rest of its look and feel. It recently underwent a rebrand in collaboration with Mexico City-based artist Luisa Vidales. Now, Blue Hour Good’s compostable and recycled packaging materials proudly beam branding that embodies ease, empathy, and eco-friendliness!

“It was so important and special because Blue Hour has evolved so much since starting it from the bedroom that I shared with my best friend,” says Lozano. “I started it with the resources I had at the time, but now it sort of has a life of its own and it was amazing to have an artist whose work I admire so much to do it justice.”

During the first holiday season, which saw the brand’s most online sales, Lozano hand-painted personalized notes on each order. Upon realizing it would take “eons” to complete every order, she then turned to noissue for custom-printed cards, tissue paper, and paper packing tape made from recycled packaging materials.

Every @bluehourgoods order comes in beautifully illustrated noissue Compostable Custom Tissue Paper and is packed with a Recycled and Recyclable Custom Card!

Products from Blue Hour Goods are carefully wrapped and protected in custom  eco-friendly tissue paper, a piece of artwork in itself! The aromatherapy herbs infused into pillows, sprays, bath soaks, and more decorate the brand’s noissue Recycled and Compostable Custom Tissue Paper. Best of all, after customers unbox their order, they can either reuse the tissue wrapping paper or toss it into a commercial or home compost.

noissue Recycled Cards customized by Blue Hour Goods are 100% curbside recyclable and printed with sustainable inks, so customers need not worry about the delightful designs affecting recyclability. The custom recycled card can also be reused as an art print or postcard to send to a loved one.

Custom water-activated paper tape also shows off Blue Hour Good’s logo! Made from 100% recycled paper and using an eco-friendly adhesive, the brand’s custom packing tape remains curbside recyclable, so no component of the unboxing is left behind as packaging waste.

noissue Recyclable Custom Packing Tape by @bluehourgoods keeps the brand’s packages stylishly sealed with a sustainable adhesive!

These thoughtful touches don’t go unnoticed! Lozano expresses that customers enjoy how Blue Hour Goods goes the extra mile in customizing an enjoyable unboxing experience. “I get compliments on my packaging ALL THE TIME! I also think it’s a pleasant surprise for each customer because they don’t expect to have such a detailed experience when opening their order.”

Even though Blue Hour Goods began at the height of the pandemic, its premium products and sincere brand commitment to sustainability have since fostered a connected, conscious customer community. Lozano is constantly expressing her gratitude for the endless support. In 2021, the brand explored hosting an in-person event that engaged the community in mindful activity.

“Last year, Blue Hour hosted a sound bath meditation in Santa Barbara at the rose gardens. It was so fun to create a sense of community with like-minded people that otherwise wouldn’t have met under those circumstances.”

Soon, Blue Hour Goods will hold even more events to celebrate self-care and connecting with others. “Blue Hour turns two years old this month, and I’m excited to host another community event,” Lozano hints. “This time, it’s going to be a tea party by the beach, and I cannot wait to bring more people together to celebrate under the new moon!”

The current studio that’s home to @bluehourgoods, and where Lozano is continuously inspired to create ethical aromatherapy products! 

A mission powered by self-care, an ethical approach to aromatherapy, and a conscious unboxing for the ultimate self-care package? Check, check, and check! Blue Hour Goods defines what it means to slow down and make time to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

See all the ethical and eco-friendly aromatherapy goods on Blue Hour Good’s website!

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