We talked to multidisciplinary creator, fine artist, and home cook, Ashley Johnson (also known as Hiaj), about how simple home-cooked meals could bring about a sense of togetherness in one's kitchen, home, and life, and just a simple act of sharing and passing down recipe cards could easily do just that—sealed with authenticity, using noissue’s sustainable packaging.

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Hey, I'm hiaj! As much as I wish my name was as exotic as the pronunciations I'm used to hearing, it's actually just short for hi, Ashley Johnson. I'm a multidisciplinary creator, fine artist, and enthusiastic home cook. I use my platform for community-driven storytelling, sharing the romance of the everyday, authentic creative living, and the genuine belief that even when cooking for yourself, doing so aesthetically and with intention can be a tool for self-care. I do that through both my main platform and through @hiaj.eats—my foodstagram. Sometimes the products I offer are a physical manifestation of my ethos such as home goods, tools for artists, or my most recent project—original recipe cards!

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

For years I've been asked by my audience to produce a cookbook. And while that's an exciting prospect, the most accessible approach to me was the production of something much more meaningful for me. Recipe cards are not only more functional in the kitchen, they also hold a magical heirloom quality. They're something you pass onward. The fingerprints, food stains, and handwritten edits—I wanted every aspect of this project to feel just as special. From the thick paper of the cards and the textured box they nest in, to the simplicity of the box they ship in and the elements that dress it up like the noissue recycled sticker!

noissue Custom Recycled Stickers (available in the US only), designed by @hiaj or @hiaj.eats

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

I care deeply about my footprint on the planet. So I wanted to maintain my relationship with minimal packaging that is fully compostable and recyclable—but with a statement. The noissue Eco-Friendly Custom Sticker which goes on the front of each shipping box features a film photo of me in my kitchen making a galette. It seals the boxes beautifully, makes a statement on the envelope, and introduces them to my most authentic self just before you open the box. Not to mention, it breaks down fully, even the backing paper!