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Picking the right shipping box might not seem like a difficult task. However, it is more complicated than one might think. After all, the shipping box you choose impacts several areas of your business.

Choosing the right box ensures that the product reaches its destination safely without damage. Using high-quality, durable boxes improves brand reputation and enhances overall customer satisfaction. Your shipping box will probably be the first thing customers will see even before they look at the product.

Therefore, having the right kind of shipping box is critical. In this short piece, we will discuss the most important things to consider while choosing your shipping box.

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The Right Size

The first and most obvious factor is getting the size right. If you are delivering more than one item in the shipping box, you might use protective wrapping like bubble wrap or dividers to prevent items from damaging each other. To get the size right, you need to consider what the product is and what materials you'll be using to package said product.

There are two kinds of sizes that you need to consider - external dimensions and internal dimensions. The external dimensions refer to the outside size of the box, while the internal dimensions tell us the space inside the box. These two dimensions will differ significantly based on the kind of material the box is made of.

For instance, for a shipping box made of wood, the external dimensions will be much larger than the internal ones. The internal dimensions will let you know whether your packaged product will fit into the box.

The external dimensions will influence shipping, as shipping providers use these dimensions to determine the cost of shipping a particular box. You can use something simple like the USPS shipping box sizes as a reference for how expensive a given size box will be.

An overly large box will increase your shipping costs and increase the chance that your product shifts or incurs damage during shipping.

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The Product Material

The second element that you need to consider is the product material and how prone it is to breakage. Is the product fragile? If you are shipping items that do not break easily, you can use shipping boxes that are of the same size as the product. You do not need to allow extra space for cushioning and protecting the product.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with fragile items like mugs or glasses, you will need a larger box to accommodate cushioning material. For instance, if you sell plates with a circumference of 7 inches, use boxes with an 8 or 9 inch circumference. The amount of extra space you need in your box will depend on what you use to cushion it. Tissue paper won't need a lot of extra space to fit, but a thick medium like bubble wrap will.

If your product is extremely fragile, you might need more space for cushioning that product. So, make sure to consider how much extra help your product needs to make it safely from you to your customer!

Strength of the Box

It's also important to consider how strong your box is. After all, each courier handles the shipping boxes in their possession differently, and it's important for business owners to do everything they can to prevent damage to their products.

There are two metrics packaging suppliers use to measure the strength of a given box - the Edge Crush Test and the Mullen Test. Both tests measure different characteristics of the product.

The Mullen test measures how much pressure the wall of the box can endure before it ruptures. Usually, the rate is denoted with # or lb. The Edge Crush Test measures the strength of the box while stacking, i.e., how much pressure the box can endure without being crushed. It is denoted with an ECT (the higher the number, the stronger the edges).

The results of both these tests are generally printed on the box to certify the box’s strength. If you're sourcing custom shipping boxes from a supplier like noissue, you should be able to find these metrics listed in the product details. For example, our Kraft Boxes are 32 ECT/200lb capable.

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Branding Potential

From small shipping boxes to large shipping boxes, one thing remains constant: they are a branding opportunity for your business. This is especially true for online-only businesses, as the package delivery represents the only physical touchpoint they can have with their customers.

With the continuing popularity of unboxing videos, it's important to consider how you can elevate your customer's unboxing experience. Customized boxes for shipping create an exciting experience for your customer from the moment the package arrives on their doorstep.

Not only does this help to secure a repeat customer, but it also encourages them to share their feelings about your products or business with those in their circle. This marketing avenue - also called word-of-mouth marketing - is a key channel for small or online-only businesses looking to make their mark.

To explore more about how to visually represent your brand's identity and connect with your customers, check out our helpful guide.

That's a wrap!

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