Stickers may be small, but they are mighty! Noissue's custom stickers are a great way to give packaging a personal touch and elevate exterior or interior packaging.

Our stickers are small business friendly and popular with brands looking for the wow factor that doesn't break the bank. They can be ordered in low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and are made of fully sustainable packaging materials.

This guide is here to help you effortlessly create your own custom packaging. We will take you step-by-step through our easy-to-use custom sticker design process, while also taking a look at the versatile features of this product.

So without further ado, let’s get sticky with it.

How to Create noissue Stickers, Step-By-Step 👇

You’re only a few steps away from creating the sticker of your dreams! The noissue design platform helps you design and order stickers quickly and effortlessly. Here's how.

  1. Select your shape, size and quantity. You can choose between circle, rectangle and square shapes, as well as 4 different sticker sizes. The minimum order quantity is 250, while the maximum is 10,000.
  2. Click 'design now'. Choose between creating a custom design on noissue's website, or uploading an already finished design. If you have a ready-made design sorted, that's great – you can upload it directly to the design platform.  If you don't have a design ready to go, don't stress. Our design tool is incredibly easy to use!
  3. Upload your logo or illustration. All you need is a logo to get started! Using our design tool, simply upload the artwork file and then you can tweak it to suit your wants and needs. Once your logo is uploaded, you can choose your desired shape, size and color from the options on the design tool panel. You can also rotate, zoom in, zoom out, and make sure it looks just right.
  4. Choose your colors. Although the design editor defaults to black, you can choose any color you want! Simply use the search button or pick your perfect shade from the color book provided. To help with creating cohesive branding across all your products and designs, we match CMYK colors and HEX codes to ensure the absolute perfect shade every time.
  5. Check the final details. Our live preview option shows you what your design will look like in real life. Once you've completed your order, our design team will check over it, and then you’ll get a final proof emailed you to confirm the design before anything gets printed.
  6. That’s a wrap! Delivery is free and only takes a maximum of 3 weeks to arrive from time of design approval. So all you need to do now is sit back, relax, and wait for them to arrive at your door!

💡 Pro tip: Have you started the ordering and design process, but still need to work out a few finer details? You can save your design at any time and access it again in ‘My Account’ under the ‘Saved Designs’ tab.

If you’re just starting out as a business and don’t have a logo designed yet, check out the talented designers in our Creative Community who are there to offer advice and inspiration.

If you want to see what your design could look like before you order, then try before you buy. Check out our free downloadable mockup PSDs!


Eco-Friendly Packaging in All Shapes and Sizes

There are a range of sizes and shapes to choose from to ensure the best fit for your brand and individual needs. Here at noissue, we have the choice of circle, square or rectangle shaped stickers.

When it comes to size, circle and square shaped stickers range from 25mm x 25mm to a mega 100mm x 100mm.

Going for a rectangular shape? Choose from 25mm x 50mm to 75mm x 155mm. Your choice should be based on what you’re using your sticker for, and how it will tie into the rest of your packaging.

With low MOQs starting at just 250 units, businesses of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of kick-starting their sticker story – and it’s not only money you’re saving.

With many small businesses doing order fulfilment themselves, they are quick and convenient to utilize – just peel it off and stick it down!


Sustainably Sticky

It might surprise you to learn that most sticker sheets on the market are not eco-friendly. Many are made from materials like plastic or vinyl, which can't be recycled or composted.

Vinyl stickers break down into tiny plastic flakes that contaminate waterways and environments, leaving invisible plastic traces everywhere.

Our noissue custom stickers are made from paper, not plastic, which means they cut down on packaging waste as they are 100% compostable.

The paper we use is acid free and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This certification shows the paper used is sustainably harvested, from the forest all the way to the supply chain.

The ink used to print your designs are soy-based. Soybeans are a renewable resource that not only makes soy-ink eco-friendly, but it produces more vivid and vibrant colors than petroleum-based ink. This makes them good for business, and good for the world!


Inspiration Station 🎁

Stickers are incredibly versatile and have a range of uses. They work well alone to boost your branding, or complimenting a range of customizable packaging products.

From sticking them on outer packaging to brighten up plain parcels, to using them to complete your  unboxing experience – the possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas on ways to use custom stickers to label your packaging.

Seal the Edges of a Package


Stickers are a great way to securely stick down edges of mailers, wrapping or envelopes. Using custom stickers in this way not only prevents items from falling out, but provides an instant focal point for your packaging design. You could even use stickers to secure notes to the outside of packages to add a priceless personal touch!

Liven up Plain Packaging


Think outside the box! Stickers are simple, yet effective when it comes to spicing up plain packaging. Contrasting the monotonous brown tones of regular parcels with a bright sticker design draws a customer's eye to it instantly and something plain into something interesting. Boom!

Label Your Products and Boost Your Brand


Stickers can be the ideal spot for brand names and information, as they create a focal point that the eye is instantly drawn to. It’s the perfect opportunity to include important information such as messages, brand names or logos as customers are likely to look at this first! Focal point stickers are even more important if you plan to post pictures of your packaging on social media. Make sure you showcase your brand's identity from day one!

Add a Touch of Art


Not only are stickers practical, they can be playful too. Use them to add some artwork identity to your packaging like illustrator Rachel Winkle has with their gorgeously drawn sticker. For designers or artists, custom stickers provide the perfect opportunity to decorate your parcels with a miniature piece of your work.

Get Stuck In

So there you have it – we hope you enjoyed our user-friendly guide to making noissue customized stickers. If your questions haven't been answered, feel free to get in touch with our team here!

What better way to create the buzz of brand awareness at a low-cost than noissue custom stickers?

Order online with noissue today and create some custom, sustainable paper stickers. Time to bring the wow factor to your packaging experience!