You’ve browsed our range of products online, you’ve seen stunning unboxing results from other businesses who have partnered up with us, and you’re this close to ordering your first piece of noissue custom packaging for your own brand... but you want to see and hold the products first before you make the leap.

At noissue, we know how awesome our products look online (if we do say so ourselves!) but we get it – nothing beats seeing the vivid colors or touching the materials in real life. To see it is to truly believe it!

That’s where sample packs come in. The answer to all your packaging prayers, packaging samples allow you to experience the high quality of our products first-hand and ensure they work for you and your products before you place a big order.

So, try before you buy! Read on for more information and for a deeper dive into what you’ll receive in our sample packs.

Why should I order a sample pack?

We understand that businesses need to touch and feel their packaging and test it out to ensure it fits with their products and suits their shipping needs.

Ordering a sample pack means you get to preview the full experience that you’ll be offering to your customers. Touch and feel our premium range of custom printed tissue. Check out the finishes and paper weights. See those vivid printed colors with your very own eyes!

If you have questions about the noissue products, ordering samples is the perfect way to answer them. Maybe you want to know if our stickers will attach securely to the rest of your packaging? Or if the size of the mailer you’ve selected will definitely fit all of your goodies?

Wondering if the noissue foodsafe paper is hard enough to handle your delicious and oily food goods? By receiving samples of items you’re interested in you can test everything out before spending money on a bigger order.

What samples are on offer?

We offer 2 different types of sample packs, tailored to showcase some of our most popular products:

  • Retail & e-Com Sample Pack

    Custom packaging is a game-changer for any retail and e-commerce business. It gives flair, personality, and creates an incredible unboxing experience for your customers. See for yourself if our custom packaging is the right fit for your products and brand! The retail & e-Com sample pack includes our premium range of custom printed tissue paper, mailers, stickers, tapes, and tags.
  • Hospitality Sample Pack

    Packaging food can be as messy as it is delicious, and that’s why it’s vital to have quality food safe and greaseproof packaging. Ordering our hospitality sample pack is a great way to see if our products suit the daily grease challenges your hospitality business faces. This sample pack offers samples of our food safe papers, stickers, cards, menus, and coasters.

Can I customize the samples?

Unfortunately, our sample packs are not customizable. Instead, they are printed with noissue branding which keeps the cost low. This way you pay the minimum for your samples and they get to you much faster!

What if the item I want isn’t included in the sample packs?

We are working on offering samples of all of our products to the world. However, some products just don't lend themselves to sampling very easily.

For example, we would love to include shipping labels in our sample packs but there is little use in this without having the roll! Therefore if you’re not sure, it’s best to buy just one roll as a ‘sample’ try before you buy.

What else should I know?

Here at noissue, we put sustainability at the forefront of our business and our products. The inks used in our samples (and all of our items!) are soy-based, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper from renewable sources is used for our tissue, food safe and mailers. Aaaaaand our stickers, paper and mailers are fully compostable. Nice!

An extra bonus is that our sample packs are available worldwide for a small fee and, to sweeten the deal, shipping is free!

I’m sold! How do I order?

Simply click on the following links, add your details, and wait for your samples to arrive on your doorstep! It’s that easy!

Try Before You Buy!

So there you go – we think sample packs are the perfect way to squish any worries or concerns that our noissue products won't be 100% compatible for your brand's packaging. You’ve got to see it to believe it, after all!

Click here to order your sample pack today – we know you’ll be blown away.