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Shipping valuable items like jewelry to your customers can be both stressful and worrisome. For one, jewelry is delicate and prone to damage. Plus, it’s also expensive, so you need to consider how to protect it from being stolen.

So, how do you safely ship jewelry such that it gets delivered to your customers in perfect condition and shielded from those with bad intentions?

In this article, we will show you how to pack jewelry items the right way and prepare them for shipping. We’ll also take a look at some best practices of shipping jewelry as well as some of the best carriers you can rely on.

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How to pack jewelry for shipping

Before you start buying packaging materials, you need to consider how you can keep your overall packaging costs in check to avoid going overboard.

You can classify packaging costs as overhead and fold them into the cost of shipping or the price of an item. However, this can backfire since most customers want to avoid overpaying for products, no matter how pretty your jewelry may be.

One way to reduce these costs is by using inexpensive packaging materials. You should also avoid using large shipping boxes when a small padded envelope can do the job just fine.

Whether your eCommerce store sells necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any other type of jewelry, be sure to follow the steps outlined below to make your packages as secure as possible.

Step 1: Clean and secure the jewelry

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First, clean the jewelry to be shipped and then lay them neatly on a flat, clean surface. Next, wrap the items in some tissue paper or cotton and place them in a clear plastic bag for safety. The polybag will provide an extra layer of protection that keeps the item contained and stationary during the trip. Once the jewelry is safely inside the bag, tape it closed.

Step 2: Place the jewelry in a decorative pouch

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After you pack the jewelry in a plastic bag, you can add a personalized touch by placing it in a decorative pouch or small jewelry box. noissue Drawstring bags can be a great option here.

Made entirely from organic cotton, these bags are reusable and can be customized with your logo, brand name, or imagery so you can stay top-of-mind with your customers. These will not only create a unique, memorable experience as the customer unwraps the package, it will also add greater protection.

Step 3: Place the pouch in a shipping box and wrap it securely

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Wrap your jewelry pouch in tissue and place it in a properly-sized shipping box. Most jewelers sell small and lightweight pieces that will easily fit into bubble mailer envelopes.

Padded bubble mailers are a sound economical choice since they are just as protective as a corrugated box while having much smaller dimensions.

Step 4: Add a “thank you” card

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Instead of using a branded jewelry box that will attract unwanted attention to your jewelry shipment, you can include a thank-you card or a gift to distinguish your brand’s unboxing experience.

Customers will appreciate the gesture and your brand will always come to mind the next time they are shopping for jewelry.

Step 5: Layer the shipping box

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After the jewelry item has been securely packed in a smaller shipping box and wrapped in protective foam, place it in a slightly larger final shipping box. The insides of the larger box should be layered with bubble wrap, newspaper, packaging peanuts, or any other packaging material.

Using multiple boxes provides additional protection in case the outer box is damaged.

Step 6: Seal and tape the box

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Once the smaller box is snugly fitted into the larger box, seal the package with heavy-duty packing tape.

If you are using a bubble mailer, you can easily seal it with the in-built peel-and-seal adhesive. If it’s a corrugated box, seal it with packaging tape using the H-tape method.

Step 7: Keep your packaging plain

When shipping jewelry, your packaging must not reveal the type of items you are shipping or it will become an easy target for thieves.

Get a tracking number to monitor your shipment, and avoid using any identifying words or graphics on the outer label of your packaging. Also, you shouldn’t add the “Fragile” label to your jewelry box as this could reveal that the contents of the box are valuable.

Best practices for shipping jewelry

Apply the following tips when shipping jewelry items:

  • Request Customer Signature: always select the option to request customer signature upon delivery to confirm that the item has been delivered without any damages.
  • Always Insure Jewelry Packages: insurance is an added cost, but it is worth the expense because jewelry is a very vulnerable high-value item.
  • Always Take Your Package Personally to the Postal Service: avoid using a drop box or delivery service to ensure discretion, and there is also no need to mention that you are shipping jewelry at the post office.

The best carriers for shipping jewelry

Knowing how to ship jewelry items securely is crucial since there is always the risk that jewelry can get lost, damaged, or stolen during transit.

Below are the best carriers for shipping your jewelry to customers safely:

Shipping jewelry with USPS

USPS may just be the answer if you are looking for an affordable shipper for your jewelry items and other precious metals. Shipments under 16 ounces cost between $3-$5, while shipments above 16 ounces typically cost less than $10.

The national postal service offers two primary options for shipping jewelry including USPS First-Class and USPS Priority Mail.

The USPS First Class Package is ideal for shipping jewelry under 16 ounces. You must provide your own sturdy box and your shipment will arrive within 1-3 days.

USPS Priority Mail can be Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, and they are the best options for shipping jewelry above 16 ounces. Both shipping services will deliver your package within 1-2 days.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes costs a flat rate of $7.40 but you must take adequate measures to protect your shipment since USPS will provide little to no protection for your package.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Box costs a flat rate of $7.90 and there is better protection for valuable items like jewelry.

Although all Priority Mail shipments come with a $100 shipping insurance, you may be better off securing extra insurance if the item you are shipping is worth more than $100.

USPS also provides international shipping options for jewelry shipments. There is however a $400 value limit and some countries do not permit the importation of precious metals or gemstones.

Shipping jewelry with FedEx

The shipping company runs the FedEx Declared Value Advantage Program for jewelry shipments. The program lets you ship high-value items worth up to $100,000 for jewelry and $1000 for precious metals.

There are lots of advantages to the program including a 40% reduction in the standard rate for declared value charges, online tracking, daily pickups, customized shipping, and the FedEx security box kit.

You must have a FedEx account and meet the necessary requirements to be eligible for the program.

The program is available Monday through Friday for use with the following FedEx shipping services:

  • FedEx First Overnight
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • FedEx 2Day
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Economy

Shipping jewelry with UPS

You can only ship jewelry that is valued at $500 or less, and your items must not be made with real precious metals like gold or silver. Items made with industrial diamonds are also prohibited.

You can ship jewelry with UPS using the UPS Next Day, UPS 2-Day Delivery, and UPS 3-Day Delivery.

These three services include the following options:

  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver
  • UPS 2nd Day Air Early
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS 3-Day Select
  • UPS Ground

The cheapest but slowest option is UPS Ground, while the fastest but the most expensive option is UPS Next Day Air Early.

Wrapping it up

Shipping jewelry securely requires lots of planning to get right. Use the information in this article to properly pack your jewelry and apply best practices to keep your shipment safe.

If you get it right, your customers are in for a unique unboxing experience when your shipment arrives at their doorsteps.

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