Custom cards provide a place for meaningful connection between your brand and its customers. Whether it's acting as a canvas for your artwork, sharing your founder's story, or thanking customers for their support, custom printed cards can accomplish it all. Who knew a simple packaging insert could hold so many possibilities?

Cards are a versatile tool for ecommerce businesses when it comes to branding and customer engagement. From sharing important features of your products to spreading gratitude to your customers, they add an incredibly personalized touch to your packaging experience.

Our custom cards also have the advantage of being eco-friendly. The cards are made from either fully recycled materials or a recycled paper and Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) mix. This means they're using materials already in circulation and because they are uncoated, they are compostable.

Low minimum order quantities (MOQs) means our custom cards are small business friendly. 25 cards is the minimum amount you can order, while 2000 is the maximum. Creating them is an easy process, too: choose whether you want it printed in a portrait or landscape, upload a ready made design, create one online using one of our helpful templates, or even get the noissue Creative Community to whip one up for you. We take care of the card printing and within three weeks, your creations with be with you.

These multi-talented cards are the perfect final touch to complete and elevate your unboxing experience. So, what are the different ways you use personalized cards to encourage positive and purposeful interactions with customers?

Here’s some ideas to get you started.

1. Cards That Say Thank You

Artist's packaging custom card

Practicing gratitude makes you happier! A really popular way of utilizing a noissue custom card is to use it to say thank you to the most important people in your brand's life: your customers. Illustrator Maxine Vee combines her artwork with a simple but effective big ‘thank you’ card that she includes in her orders. Two words really can say so much.

We spy the noissue Eco-Alliance badge in the top left corner, too! Did you know that when you buy from noissue, a tree is planted in an area in need of reforestation? It’s an easy way to show your customers you’re committed to showing thanks for them, and the planet.

2. Cards That Show The Human Behind The Business

Small business owner's packaging custom card

Using custom cards gives you the chance to tell the story of your small business. A glimpse behind the curtain of your business builds familiarity and trust between your brand and your customers, which can help boost loyalty and engagement. Designer and accessory maker Joanne Hawker even includes her photo on her card so customers can picture the real-life person they are supporting, not just a name without a face.

We're impressed by Joanne’s design, as her thank you message, business information and product pictures have been included too. Talk about making the most of the space!

3. Cards That Share all the Important Info

Clothing brand's packaging custom card

Cards are the perfect way to communicate that all-important information about your product and your brand to your customers. The secret to including crucial details is to be clear not only in your copy, but also in your design. A busy or cluttered card can distract from the vital information you are trying to get across to your customers. The secret is keeping things simple, while also including an element of your brand identity.

Baby clothes company First Fittings perfectly incorporates their product information, social media details and other key info via their crisp logo, bold text and a clean white background. The simplicity fits their aesthetic beautifully without compromising on the important stuff.

4. Cards With the Handwritten Touch

Artist's thank you packaging custom card

Cards are a great way to send a message to your customers, and who can resist a personalized handwritten note? Watercolor artist Julia Korpushova makes her customers feel incredibly special by taking the time to pick up a pen and write a little note of thanks. You can easily do this yourself by simply including some blank space on your card design. From a full message, to your signature or simply your customer's name – what a great way to make each and every order feel unique!

5. Cards With a Positive Pick-Me-Up

Designer's packaging custom card

Imagine this creation arriving in your mailbox. We all love to receive kind words from others and some gentle encouragement for difficult days, especially when they’re mixed with the fun of a planet Earth with a moustache, right?

Designer Xanthe Simmans flaunts her whimsical style and cute characters on her custom cards, carving out her place in the market by forming a positive emotional connection with her customers in an instant.

It doesn’t just stop with her customers, either. By keeping the back of a custom card like this blank, they can be re-used in a postcard style and sent to someone else through the post. Spread some kindness and some positivity by spreading a custom card!

6. Cards for Doing Business

Creative agency's sustainable business cards

You don’t have to be big and bold to make a statement. These small and subtle cards pictured above are a great way to promote your brand. The crisp, clean design of creative agency Oh Sierra's company logo, brand colors and important contact information are all included on delicate rack sized cards. This smaller card is one of the 3 sizes we offer, alongside A5 and A6 – the choice is yours!

It’s easy to print on both sides of your noissue cards and this maximizes space without the worry of overcrowding. It’s amazing how much you can include and still keep things focused. Just make sure to submit a 2-page file containing the back and the front of your design and voila.

7. Cards That Reward Loyalty

Ceramics company's custom packaging cards

Are the best things in life free (or at least discounted)? Daisy Cooper Ceramics think so! Their custom card creation offers their customers gift vouchers and discount codes to get money off their next purchase.

Not only does that reward loyalty, but it promotes repeat business too! This shows including the right information can be a clever marketing tool that increases traffic and sales, while positively promoting your brand. Who can resist a freebie?

8. Cards That Show Off a Piece of Art

Artist's custom packaging cards

Are you an artist, designer or illustrator? Take the opportunity to get more of your artistry out into the world by showcasing some of your visual work on a custom card. This showcase different sides to your brand and talents, while giving something special to loyal customers.

By creating postcard style art like Nat at @parakid’s, with the subtle addition of brand logo and social media handles on the back, you are creating an advertisement for your brand with the potential for customers to send them around the globe. Now that’s what we call spreading the love.

9. Cards That Get Personal

Happy birthday card

Here’s a true wildcard of an entry to this list. Why should only brands and businesses have all the customized fun? Our noissue cards are a great option for personal use, from birthday cards to party invitations.

Whatever you want, you can make it happen. The noissue online design templates make it easy for anyone, even total beginners, to create the ideal card.

Low minimum order quantities (MOQs) mean you won’t be stuck with hundreds of cards and nowhere to send them, perfect for personal use. So from wedding invitations to baby shower keepsakes, make sure your RSVP to creating charming customized cards says ‘yes please.’

10. Cards that Share Joy During the Holiday Season

Christmas custom packaging cards

Here at noissue, we say it's never too early to be thinking about your festive unboxing experience. Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving: any holiday season provides a perfect excuse to add a bit of creativity to your brand’s packaging. Adding a custom festive-themed card not only encourages repeat business, but makes your customer feel the joy of opening a gift on Christmas morning.

And new additions don't have to mean a huge packaging overhaul, either. The simple addition of a holiday card to your usual branded packaging keeps you on-trend and current to that time of the year. Spreading holiday cheer this way helps build customer engagement and brand loyalty – all through a simple card. Now that’s a sprinkle of holiday magic

We hope these examples have provided inspiration for how your brand can utilize custom cards in your packaging. Now it’s just a case of uploading your design, choosing the quantities and sizes, and sitting back and awaiting your delivery.

Customized cards are guaranteed to ensure customers remember your brand for a long time to come. Whatever you decide to use them for, they will be sure to a personal touch to your packaging and improve your brand's sustainability scoring. Start creating your custom cards today, tag us on Instagram @noissueco, and get those cards in the post!