If you ask, you shall receive. Due to popular demand, we've launched a very complimentary product for your brand's unboxing experience: noissue Kraft boxes!  

These eco-friendly boxes tick 2 out of 3 of our Recycled, Compostable and Reusable frameworks. They are both compostable and curbside recyclable due to being made from 100% Recycled Kraft material and printed with earth-friendly water-based inks.

More specifically, our boxes are made from a 32ECT E-flute Kraft board material, which is a lightweight corrugated board that saves space inside the box for your products and also means better shipping rates.

To let your customers know how to correctly dispose of them at their end-of-life, the boxes feature some lightly details, including key information signalling they're compostable and curbside recyclable.

The rest of the box is a blank canvas that can be dressed up with noissue's other products, such as stamps, stickers, tissue and tape.

Noissue's eco-friendly stock boxes are currently available in five sizes (watch this space!) All five box sizes available can fit inside of common carrier shipper boxes, such as Fedex Large and USPS Priority mail large shippers.

The Technical Details 📦

Style: Roll end front tuck with dust flaps, also known as shipper box style.
Sizes available: 381mm x 305mm x 70mm, 305mm x 229mm x 61mm, 229mm x 152mm x 53mm, 152mm x 102mm x 76mm, 152mm x 102mm x 53mm.
Material: 100% recycled Kraft made from 32ECT E flute material.
Sustainability features: Forest Stewardship Council certified materials, 100% recycled fibers and water-based inks.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 50 boxes.
Max product weight: Can hold up to 25lbs (or 11kg) safely.

Why are boxes the best? 🏆

Boxes are the foundation to creating an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Opening them is one of the first instances in which a customer has a physical interaction with your brand, so having a thoughtfully curated package is a great way to get them engaging positively with your business and its products.

A study from the Journal of Marketing has found that when a person is pleasantly surprised with a product, their enjoyment of that product increases by up to 25%.

A brand’s unboxing experience is proven to play a big part in customer satisfaction and continued brand loyalty.

Noissue's boxes are a step above the rest because they are 100% sustainable and communicate that on the exterior, which will boost the customer's positive experience with your products.

Inspiration Station 🎁

Our stock boxes are the perfect blank canvas that can be decorated with noissue custom stickers, stamps, tissue paper and tape and much more!

Want to see some boxes in action paired with some of noissue's other products? Check out these beautiful unboxing experiences crafted by our customers and let your inspiration soar.

Boxes and tissue paper


Boxes and Tape

💡 Pro tip: noissue tape and our kraft boxes pair incredibly well together! Below are suggestions of how to determine the quantity of tape to pair with boxes.

Below are the recommended tape quantities for each size of our Kraft Boxes:

  • 152mm x 102mm x 53mm (6" x 4" x 2.1")
  • 1 roll will cover approx. 62 boxes (Need approx. 0.8m of tape per box if taping all three sides)
  • MOQ of 5 rolls will cover approx. 310 boxes
  • 152mm x 102mm x 76mm (6" x 4" x 3")
  • 1 roll will cover approx. 55 boxes (Need approx. 0.9m of tape per box if taping all three sides)
  • MOQ of 5 rolls will cover approx. 275 boxes
  • 229mm x 152mm x 53mm (9" x 6" x 2.1")
  • 1 roll will cover approx. 50 boxes (Need approx. 1m of tape per box if taping all three sides)
  • MOQ of 5 rolls will cover approx. 250 boxes
  • 305mm x 229mm x 61mm (12" x 9" x 2.4")
  • 1 roll will cover approx. 42 boxes (Need approx. 1.2m of tape per box if taping all three sides)
  • MOQ of 5 rolls will cover approx. 210 boxes
  • 381mm x 305mm x 70mm (15" x 12" x 2.75")
  • 1 roll will cover approx. 33 boxes (Need approx. 1.5m of tape per box if taping all three sides)
  • MOQ of 5 rolls will cover approx. 165 boxes.

Boxes and stickers


Ready to get started with Recycled boxes? Check out the different options available here! Keep your eyes on The Wrap and noissue's Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok channels for even more unboxing inspiration.