Immerse yourself in the retro heaven that is Maple.Bar, a Bellingham-based cafe that serves up great coffee and even greater maple bars! Maple.Bar is well-known for their nostalgic, 70s-inspired branding, brandishing their iconic rainbow of pink and orange in their goods, packaging, merch, and interiors—just a few of the many things that make them endearing and remarkable to both their regular customers and first-time visitors.

Adam Foy, the founder of Maple.Bar

We chat with founder Adam Foy about how noissue has become part of keeping their packaging on brand by providing easy branding to their drinks and treats through our sustainable products. Read on for more!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

The exterior of Maple.Bar
Maple.Bar's iconic mural wall inside their shop

Maple.Bar is a colorful, boho-style wonderland serving craft coffee, classic donuts, energizing lotus, and more in Bellingham, WA. Maple.Bar’s cheerful atmosphere, retro aesthetic, and rainbow racing doors transports everyone back into the 70s, spreading the love for great coffee, community, and donuts to all who walk in.

A look inside Maple.Bar

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

Our retro rainbow masking tape is simple but it captures our 70s aesthetic perfectly, featuring our retro color palette, love for rainbows and unique logo all on a roll of tape. The logo is carefully placed so it is easy to tear and use on a variety of packaging. We use the tape on our donut boxes, iced drinks cups, to-go bags and more!

noissue Custom Masking Tape, designed by

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

Maple.Bar is loved for its retro branding, noissue is a great fit for our packaging because they are all about creativity and building a strong brand at an affordable cost. The masking tape is perfect because we are able to use it on so many different things, and we go through it like crazy!

We trust that noissue will take care of us and deliver our tape in a timely manner before we run out, and we know that our designs will be printed true to our brand. Thank you noissue for being so rad!