What makes a single piece of jewelry special is not only the high-quality and, oftentimes, rare materials it’s made out of, or when it’s become a symbol of appreciation and affection from one to another, but even more so when it’s made with passion, confidence, and care for the planet. Just as with Meadowlark’s pieces.

Meadowlark’s showroom at Grey Lynn in Auckland, New Zealand

Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont founded Meadowlark, an Auckland-based jewelry brand. Through their vision, Meadowlark emerged as one of the best-known jewelry makers in New Zealand that specializes in minimalist pieces that merge contemporary and classic styles, resulting in timeless pieces that complement any season.

A pair of Bow Earrings in silver from their Wonderland collection

Meadowlark ensures that every step of the process is done with sustainability in mind—from sourcing the materials to packaging. And for their packaging, to keep the overall look of their packages consistent and always on-brand, from the studio all the way to the doors of their patrons, they partnered with noissue.

To learn all about Meadowlark’s design process for both their jewelry and packaging, read on!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

MEADOWLARK is an independent jewellery studio based in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Greg Fromont (left) and Claire Hammon (right), the co-founders of Meadowlark

The MEADOWLARK story is a love story between the creative minds of founders and partners Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. Starting from a makeshift workbench in their Auckland home, the evolution of Meadowlark reflects their mutual passion for art, nature, travel, and the magical craft of jewellery making.

After many years and many collections, the MEADOWLARK tapestry is densely woven; some threads shine brightly for a season or two, while others endure, becoming design classics. A constant throughout the mercurial design process is a discernible love of creative tension. So often, the work we are most proud of comes from opposing ideas or aesthetics rubbing up against one another—that’s what we’re designing for, that frisson.

Traditional and vintage-inspired forms re-imagine the classical for the contemporary wearer, charms borrowed from symbolic registers both ancient and modern, and impossibly refined objects resemble modernist sculpture in miniature. Some Meadowlark pieces start with an idea; others begin with a particular material. All result in that special savoir-faire—a lingering moment of synthesis between form and concept.

With few exceptions, MEADOWLARK jewellery is made-to-order at the studio in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, by our team of talented jewellers. MEADOWLARK is designed to last and is always made in a way that’s mindful of the earth we share.

Our seasonal collections are an edit of our most experimental and directional ideas. Successful pieces are refined into our signature collection. Each piece is made in sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, and gold-plated (23kt over sterling silver) using precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Our Ceremonial collection is all about engagement and wedding rings, which at MEADOWLARK are proudly made to order in-house using the highest quality metals, diamonds, and precious gemstones. There are no limits to self-expression. Ceremonial offers the freedom to make new traditions for love of all kinds. Each piece is available in 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct yellow and white gold and platinum.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

noissue Custom Tissue Paper for @meadowlarkjewellery

Our packaging is an ever-evolving project, and I have big plans for it to evolve over the next year or so.

noissue Custom Sticker Sheets for @meadowlarkjewellery

Currently, it’s very simple and neutral in white, black, and grey. The tissue is a repeating logo in white on white, sealed with a simple circle sticker with a black logo, and packaged in a simple shipper. The shipper box is plain, as jewellery deliveries need to be kept incognito when they arrive at their new homes.

Everything is packaged very carefully, so it arrives safely.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

noissue is great for us because we can order it in small quantities, which means we can change the designs and colours anytime we like. Ordering is super easy and fast, so we can order through the year instead of buying huge amounts and holding them for a long time.