noissue's Instagram is one of our customers' favourite channels to seek out to get a little packaging inspiration.

It's an incredibly visual medium to look at some of our community's creations, so if you haven't seen it before, then we'd recommend taking a look here.

With that in mind, we were curious to find out what the top ten most liked posts were on the platform of 2020.

It's been incredible to see the diversity of packaging products, colors and graphic designs that made the favourites, as voted by you.

Have a scroll, feast your eyes and see if your design made the top ten below!

1. Aruallhuillier


With 4848 likes, Aruallhuillier's custom Kraft mailer comes in as the most popular Instagram post of 2020 and it's easy to see why. The intricate details in her trademark illustration style combined with the thoughtful thank you message make for a stunning mailer.

2. Wolf & Bear


The artists behind the brand Wolf & Bear demonstrate the creativity you can achieve with something as simple as a custom stamp. Seeing as this post got 4538 likes, our followers were extremely appreciative of this beautiful creation also.

3. Albabbg


When it comes to custom printed tissue paper, choosing vibrant pantone colors can make a design go from great to having the 'wow' factor. Albabbg's peach and purple color combination paired with such a detailed illustration makes for an eye-catching design.

4. Littlerayofsunflower


Littlerayofsunflower's reoccurring rainbow motif used as a sticker on packages and as a custom card sent out with parcels makes for a truly joyful customer experience. With 3386 likes on this photo, our followers loved the brand's use of contrasting colors and playful designs.

5. Beckycas_


There's nothing better than great design paired with functionality, and Becky Cas shows us how it's done. Her custom stamp advises her customers not to bend the envelope and damage the print inside, while the blue ink and illustration creates a completely original and unique look.

6. Ashleymariesoap


Is there anything better than a product that's been handcrafted with love? Ashley Marie Soap has highlighted the best part about being a small owner operator by creating a custom stamp and sticker that let's people know the time and effort gone into her products. With 2990 likes, our followers loved her rustic, personalized packaging.

7.  Smoleart


Smoleart demonstrates the way custom tissue paper can be used as a canvas for artwork with her pink and orange creation. Depending on which way you wrap it, a different visual will be created each time. We were really impressed by her creativity, as were our followers.

8. Azelabtq


Azelabtq's picture showing off one of our newest products, recycled mailer bags, was a firm favourite on Instagram, receiving 2958 likes. Made out of recycled LDPE plastics, these bags have had another life before becoming an ecommerce mailer and once you're finished with them, they'll be recycled into a new product once again. Pretty cool, right?

9. Headwestmarketplace


Headwestmarketplace showed us the different colorways custom paper tape can be created in with their stunning creations, and they have a gummed tape dispenser on hand to execute it with. Tape that's friendly on the environment and looks as good as this? We'll take it!

10. Lovesoup


Lovesoup is an illustrator who's known for her designs that feature a character named Pepper. We love how Pepper is trying to peep into the box in this image, and we feel just as curious as her to see what's inside! With 3097 likes, our followers were big fans of Pepper, too.

So there you have it – that's a wrap on our top Instagram posts of 2020!

We hope these packaging designs leave you feeling inspired for the year ahead and ready to try something different, whether that's a new color way, a new packaging product or a new design altogether.

Keeping your packaging fresh and original will keep your customers feeling excited and engaged with your products, too.

All the best for the year ahead, and remember to hit the follow button on our Instagram page if you haven't already. Happy new year!