Patterns can be so much more than stripes and polka dots.

Well-designed patterns play a super important role in branding. They can create memorable customer experiences, give depth to brand identity and turbo-boost your brand recognition. Ultimately, they elevate packaging from dull to dynamite!

What’s more, their versatility means designs can be used across multiple brand assets, not only on packaging – although this is the perfect place to start!

Patterns have been used for branding for decades, but there’s a true modern renaissance going on right now.

Today's brands are experimenting with a range of new styles, shapes and colors.

We all know that custom printed tissue paper is always a good idea, but alongside a pattern design that reinforces your brand's identity? Genius.

From bold and bright to modern and minimal, it really is hard to resist a well-designed pattern. But where do you start when designing your own?

Here are some jaw-drop worthy designs to give you instant inspiration.

1. Floral patterns


Nothing says fresh more than flowers. Simply sweet yet profoundly beautiful, floral pattern designs are a sure way to add a blooming magical spark to your packaging.

Perfect for springtime and new beginnings but equally gorgeous all year round, floral patterns seem to be evergreen in terms of their popularity amongst both brands and customers. They're a way to spruce up your packaging that’s bound to be a sure-fire hit!

Illustrator and self-proclaimed lover of flowers Joannie Houle’s floral inspired tissue paper truly delights the senses. Her fresh-as-a-daisy design is fun, bold and bountiful. Printed with subtle pinks and golds that pay homage to beautifully crispy spring days, every dai-sy is better with packaging like this!

2. Doodle patterns


We all have fond childhood memories of doodling in our school books as our minds started to wander in class. Flowers, swirls, even love hearts with our crushes initials  – you name it, it was doodled! There’s nothing that says fun and freedom more than illustrative, creative scribbles that transport us back to carefree childhood days.

Born from the imagination of Where Billy founder Brenda, this doodle design has us interested before we've even touched the product.

Their brand philosophy is to be strangely beautiful, and that clearly doesn't stop at their packaging. Adding color and quirky personality to the world, is an instant hit to customers.

When packaging design speaks to customers, they feel good, and when they feel good, they link that positive feeling to your brand (and buy your products!)

3. Calligraphy & Typography patterns


Patterns aren’t reserved only for pictures. Getting creative with letters and words can be an art form in itself, like how calligraphy uses writing to convey beauty and meaning.

Gorgeous lettering or typography can be used as a patterned design to add a personal touch to branding, and evokes feelings of romance, personality and authenticity.

Lisa at Studio G transformed her own handwriting into a beautiful repeating pattern for her tissue paper.

Mixed with a timeless black and white color scheme and matching handwritten logo sticker, and you have clean, minimalistic packaging that really stands out from the crowd.

After all, your handwriting is your own custom font that no one else has – and what gets more unique and personal than that?

4. Celestial Patterns

Enchanting celestial imagery makes us feel like there’s magic in the air. Custom design propels your creative vision forward, so it’s important to have a theme that matches your brand identity. So, if you’re a brand that promotes ethereal, other-worldly goodness, then make that clear with a sprinkle of the good stuff!

India Rose at Saule Studio includes a gorgeous repeating pattern of celestial themed elements for her tissue paper design. Moon, stars and magic feature in a pattern that clearly reflects their vision and philosophy.

A linear and precise design like this also gives a sense of harmony and structure – the perfect message for brands who want to convey these ideals to their customers. What a way to bring some magic to life. Mystical!

5. Abstract Patterns

Designer: and Brand: @maisonfrida

Abstract design is all about thinking outside the box. Mixing things up with odd colors, shapes and designs full of life and aesthetic delights definitely won’t go unnoticed – and that’s what great branded packaging is all about right?!

Amy Young, in collaboration with Maison Frida, has come up with this gorgeously playful and bright abstract pattern for their tissue and sticker packaging set – and we are in love.

Deliberately inserting a pattern that isn’t uniform or ‘the norm’ is a sure way to grab customer attention. Fun, bold designs with a heart for color and creativity, when you use abstract patterns you’re showing the world you aren’t afraid to break the rules. Picasso, eat your heart out!

6. Line Art Patterns


Line art is dominating the graphic design world, one line at a time. From a simple pattern to a complex sketch, line art takes the simplest form of design – the line – and creates a work of art.

Different from other forms of drawn craft, line art has no shading and instead revolves around clean bold lines that convey a strong message through a simple image. Even when muted, patterned line art creates real depth – minimalism at its finest.

We are on cloud line with how Doster Paper Co. have incorporated iconic imagery into their noissue tissue design. And with coloring books all the rage right now, their customers can even use this packaging to color in and create a new piece of art themselves!

Wrapping It  Up

Aren’t patterns gorgeous? Your hardest choice is now what kind you want to try!

It’s not just ecommerce packaging that benefits from perfect patterns, either: the same designs can be used in physical store environments, on social media, and even on the products themselves. Talk about versatility and potential!

Patterns are experiencing a renaissance, so now is the perfect time to begin your patterned packaging journey with noissue. Easy, quick and eco-friendly, from design to delivery, we have you covered.

If you need another pinch of ingenuity, check out the gorgeous designs from our creative community on Instagram or Pinterest – and then join in on the fun!