We've said it before and we'll say it again: the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. Twinkling lights, Christmas carols, presents shared between loved ones – this season is one of a kind!  

Ecommerce businesses across the globe aim to recreate the childlike excitement of the holiday period via their unboxing experience and presentation of their products.

Online stores and social media provide a virtual platform for window-shopping for the perfect gift. And if something unique catches a customers' eye, they’re definitely diving in deeper – and making a purchase.


A Recipe For Holiday Success

But how do you create a recipe for success these holidays? By creating a unique unboxing experience, of course! Building parcels layer by layer that are full to the brim with packaging creations is a sure way to ramp up those fuzzy, festive feelings.

‘Tis the season to spread joy through the power of the unboxing. So, just follow the steps in our perfect packaging recipe to see how you can inject some X Factor into your products.

Ingredients You'll Need

1. A Box


They say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but in terms of packaging, instant visual appeal plays a big role in how desirable a product is! Even a stock box can be transformed into a picture-perfect present by adding a sprinkle of custom items.

From placing tape and stickers to the exterior, or including tissue or customized cards on the interior,  these plain brown boxes can be instantly uplifted! And as the first thing your customers lay their eyes on, you can be sure it will be love at first sight.

Product arrangement is also important as presentation, as it ensures goods aren't thrown around in transit. If you don’t use boxes to send out your products, you can easily upgrade your experience using Kraft mailers, too. Just choose a base, some customized extras and then mix and match. You'll instantly add the X factor.

2. Custom Tissue Paper


You wouldn’t give a gift to a loved one during the holidays that wasn’t wrapped up, so your customers deserve the same thoughtful treatment. The pure childlike joy of ripping open presents can be reconstructed by wrapping products in customized tissue paper.

Tissue paper is a great way to create some fun, branded gift wrap. Plus, it's lightweight and versatile enough to wrap any size or shaped item.

Tissue can instantly enhance products by giving parcels a premium look, while also can be scrunched or padded with a package to protect your precious goods. Plus, as our noissue tissue is customizable, you can choose any design you desire.

So no matter if your favourite holiday is Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween, it’s easy to create a feeling of joy for your customers through tissue paper.

3. Personalized Cards


Getting up close and personal with your customers is a great way to pump up the X Factor for your brand. But how to bridge the gap as an ecommerce business and create a personalized experience? By saying hello in written form!

Custom cards ensure businesses of all sizes can create a true connection with thier customer. Cards a simple, personal touch by saying thank you, happy holidays, or even to include a gifted freebie or discount code.

Show your customers the person behind the brand, or sharing love and best wishes, creates a positive and lasting impression. Or take things up a notch by grabbing a pen and adding a handwritten note to each order – a special touch at any time of the year, but even more appropriate and effective during the holidays.

4. Stickers, Tape and Stamps


These items are surely some of the most versatile items in the packaging biz. Inside, outside, sealed or stamped: however you use this labelling adds instant pops of personality.

The perfect addition for brands on a budget, designing some festive tape or stickers are highly cost-effective ways of livening up plain stock boxes or mailers.

Adding a burst of branding to the exterior of a package not only adds instant excitement but can be a way to flaunt a logo or business name for on-the-spot, super-important brand recognition. They’re also equally attractive inside your box when sealing your tissue or affixing your custom cards.

Cooking Method

Take your package, add a selection of inspiring ingredients listed above and you have instant festive appeal!

Channelling seasonally appropriate designs during the holidays gives your packaging some seasonal edge.

Refresh, revamp and spread end-of-year cheer to each and every one. Don’t forget that sometimes the minimal look can be just as effective.

So let your designs reflect your brand's unique identity. There are plenty of ways to level up your brand's customer experience, from sophisticated, sleek designs to fun-loving illustrations.


Finishing Touches

Finally, remember to serve up your customer experience sustainably. The holiday period results in a large amount of waste being created, so it’s important to be eco-conscious around this time of year.

Just think of the pile of wrapping paper left behind by kids on Christmas morning. Most commercially produced paper is laminated, meaning it’s impossible to recycle. That’s a lot of sparkles ending up in landfills!

Brands have a responsibility to reduce this waste by using and promoting recycled, compostable or reusable materials. Cut out plastics when possible, invest in sustainable packaging, and give a gift of a guilt-free holidays to people this year.

That’s A Wrap

Creating a customized packaging experience for your customers ensures an unboxing experience that they will remember long after the New Year rolls in and the Christmas trees have been taken down. Now, it's time to put the X Factor into excellent packaging!

Share your designs with the world by tagging us on the 'gram, @noissue. Happy holidays!