Stickers are the ultimate source of happiness. Who wouldn’t feel appreciated after receiving one?

And we’re not sticklers for such a thing as too many stickers! Stickers are often a familiar freebie found in eCommerce orders and are a sweet way of saying thanks to customers while showing off your branding. Having your business’s logo in sticker form is a simple yet effective way to extend the unboxing experience and establish your brand presence long after the first customer interaction.

There’s a difference between traditional stickers and custom die-cut stickers, however. And knowing this difference might save your business a terrific amount of time without sacrificing your brand’s style!

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • What die-cut stickers are
  • How they’re different from traditional stickers
  • How die-cut stickers can be sustainable
  • How to make your brand’s custom die-cut stickers.

Read on to learn more about this super easy, sticky, and eco-friendly branding solution!

What is die cutting, and how are die-cut stickers different from regular stickers?

Die-cutting refers to producing stickers in large quantities that sport the same shape and size. There’s no need for a stencil or manual cutting with scissors or craft knives with die-cutting – the stickers are already pre-cut and ready to use! Die-cut stickers can help save you time from snipping around each one, resulting in defined details that look consistently professional and perfect.

How are die-cut stickers made?

The answer lies in the magic of the die-cutting machine!

A die-cutting machine is responsible for rendering the shapes of your stickers and exists in many forms for the home and commercial use. For the fastest way to make your brand’s die-cut stickers, you’ll want to turn to a provider with which you can provide your sticker design like noissue. We take care of the rest so you can save even more energy for crafting the best customer experience.

What can die-cut stickers be used for?

Think of everything under the sun, and there’ll be a perfect place for a die-cut sticker!

Die-cut stickers can add an extra piece of personality to packaging and products, like kraft paper tubes, retail and client gift boxes, and tissue paper-wrapped presents. They’re also great for keeping stationery and thank you cards attached to wrapped goods without needing to tie any strings or use additional tape.

Display your logo on a simple and chic sticker, or go even further with educating your customers on your brand’s sustainability initiatives. A die-cut sticker with a custom QR code can direct customers to your website or a microsite of responsible disposal instructions. Have customers experience your brand beyond the box by sticking die-cut stickers on your packaging or atop products.

Die-cut stickers make for fun freebies at events and experiences. Toss a few into branded tote bags and takeout orders to pleasantly delight customers and clients. Be prepared to see event-goers rock your logo on their person all day long, since die-cut stickers take no time to apply.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of serious stickering, so let your creativity take the lead on using your brand’s die-cut stickers!

What makes noissue Die-Cut Stickers sustainable?

You might be wondering, don’t stickers, regardless of their shape or size, use plastic sheets? Stickers can indeed contribute to large amounts of waste if the backing isn’t correctly disposed of. It’s also why we crafted every component of our stickers, down to the customization with your branding, to be as earth-friendly as possible!

noissue Die-Cut Sticker sheets feature a release lining made from 100% recycled materials to avoid using virgin plastics. The lining can be curbside recycled to re-enter circulation again and remain out of landfills!

Your die-cut stickers are created from acid-free, FSC-certified paper that’s compostable and recyclable, so your brand won’t add to any waste. Non-toxic inks skillfully show off your branding that doesn’t affect your packaging’s composting or recyclability. The sticker adhesive is non-toxic and breaks down during composting or recycling, completing your customer’s guilt-free unboxing experience with your brand.

Customers and animals alike will be happy to know that your cut stickers are vegan, too! All smiles, all around.

How to customize your brand’s noissue Die-Cut Stickers

Now that we’ve gone over the good stuff about custom cut-out stickers, let’s get into how you can create them for your business. Lucky for you, noissue’s Die-Cut Stickers are 100% customizable to your imagery and artwork, so the hard work is handled by us – you just supply us with your beautiful branding!

First, head to our easy-to-use online design platform. Here, you’ll be able to choose the Customize option to start designing.

Upload your brand’s logo or artwork and adjust your design to your liking. If you have any questions during the design process, reach out to our talented team for a helping hand!

Confirm your die-cut custom sticker sheet design looks perfect, and our Pre-Press team will be in touch with a design proof for your approval to make sure everything is all set. Once all looks good, we enter your stickers into production so you can kick back and relax!

How to apply a die-cut sticker

Simply peel the die-cut sticker away from the release lining, and you’re good to apply it to most surfaces and packaging right away! Be sure to curbside recycle the release lining after peeling away a sticker. Consider showing customers how to properly recycle their sticker linings and packaging via a QR code sticker on shipping boxes and mailers!

To keep our die-cut stickers eco-friendly, we avoid coating them with plastic or silicone, so be mindful that they aren’t entirely waterproof.

See how easy it was to stick a superb landing with your packaging? Your brand will score a 10 out of a 10 with cut stickers that leave an impeccable impression on customers, every time!

Wrapping it up

Keep calm and sticker on! Transform your plain packaging and product boxes. Die-cut stickers will ensure no detail is left behind in a delightful unboxing experience. Find out more about noissue's custom die-cut stickers so your brand will stick out from the crowd with unforgettable custom packaging that’s kind to people and the planet!