️️☕ Coffee is a common go-to beverage for millions of people around the world. It is no wonder that in 2020-2021, almost 167 million coffee bags (60 kilograms) were consumed worldwide. But with such high demand and consumption comes a lot of competition!

Branded coffee bags need to have stellar packaging and tell a compelling story while maintaining excellent quality. One aspect proven to increase customer interest is resealability.

Resealability is an essential feature in coffee bags, allowing customers to keep their coffee fresher for longer. Poor resealability can lead to the oxidation of coffee, making it rancid and reducing its shelf life. Alternatively, properly resealable coffee bags make the coffee last longer, taste better, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Resealable coffee bags do not just preserve coffee freshness. It also enhances customer convenience, which has become more important to customers than it was even five years ago!

Custom coffee bags can help improve brand awareness, helping your brand stand out from the competition. They protect your coffee through the various stages of the retail process, keeping coffee beans as fresh as possible from harvesting to reaching the customers’ hands.

When designing custom coffee bags, there are a few essential aspects to take into consideration to help attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Some of the reasons why coffee brands should consider recyclable packaging include extended product shelf life, reduced packaging costs, waste reduction, and added value.

FDA-approved recyclable or compostable resealable coffee bags add value to your customer's experience and help keep your product fresh and tasting better for longer!

Extended Shelf Life

A significant benefit of recyclable packaging is the product’s extended shelf life. Coffee can stay fresher in resealable coffee bags and people can store it for long periods. Packages can employ various resealing mechanisms, including zippers, sliders, and tear notches, among others.

Coffee beans naturally release volatile and non-volatile gasses. These gasses contain 80% carbon dioxide, which naturally enhances the flavor. If the beans are left in a sealed packet for too long, the gasses will spoil the coffee and ruin its flavor. To address this problem, coffee pouches should be degassed. A valve is installed in most coffee bean packaging bags, allowing for oxygen and nitrogen to be replaced. Nitrogen prevents the branded coffee bags from bursting due to an excess of gasses.

Reduced Packaging Costs

Printed coffee bags and pouches are much cheaper than other alternatives, such as glass or tin boxes. The upfront cost of custom coffee bag printing ranges from $0.32 to $0.52 as compared to glass jars and folded boxes which cost between $0.68 to $0.90 as of 2022.

Additionally, you will save money since resealable coffee pouches are more durable than glass, resulting in less wasted money on replacing broken stock. Consider cost-effective coffee pouches when you are thinking about how to reseal your coffee bag.

Waste Reduction

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, the average American generates 4.9 pounds of waste every day. With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, many want to make purchasing decisions that support their values and beliefs.

This is especially true for the younger generation of shoppers, those classified as millennials and Gen-Z, who are quickly becoming the fastest-growing consumer group. By opting for resealable, branded coffee bags, you can reduce the amount of secondary packaging waste, such as non-renewable foil and virgin plastic storage bags.

Adding Value

Resealable coffee bean packaging bags add value to your coffee. Customers want the convenience of flexible packaging, and resealability is the second most important factor to achieve it. A survey from Flexible Packaging Magazine suggests that 10% of participants consider resealable bags as “absolutely essential” while one-third of them saw it as “extremely important”.

Features like being easy to open and extended product life are attributed to flexible packaging. The survey suggests that a typical consumer is even willing to pay 14% more for products that have resealable packaging!

Standing Apart From the Competition

Custom coffee bag printing can set your brand apart from the competition. As discussed above, the coffee market is saturated with numerous brands, and customers can often be confused with the plethora of choices. In such an era, a feature like resealability can go a long way in setting your brand apart from the competition. Of course, customers cannot smell or taste your coffee brand until they buy it, but offering a convenient feature like resealability could help draw interest, giving your brand an edge against the competition.

noissue Custom Resealable Coffee Bags come in recyclable or compostable materials, so when customers finish your product, they can easily and alternatively dispose of the packaging and avoid generating excessive waste!

Pair custom resealable coffee bags with branded shopping or takeout bags to really personalize the customer experience!

🎁 That's a Wrap!

Save on costs and show customers your brand is committed to providing the best-tasting product possible without sacrificing sustainability! At noissue, we produce wholesale custom recyclable coffee pouches that keep your coffee fresh and safe while minimizing your carbon footprint. They come in customizable features, including degassing valves, resealable press-to-close zippers, tear notches, bottom gusset options, and high barrier films to prevent air and moisture from entering.

Get started with designing resealable coffee bags, custom coffee cups with lids, and other food packaging products today to find the best fit for your coffee brand!