If you are in the hospitality or food business, Custom Wax Paper – also known as greaseproof paper – could be the packaging product you've been looking for. Not only does it line or wrap your food, it shows off your brand's custom designs without getting moist or greasy. This post will explain everything you need to know about greaseproof paper, what it is made of and how you can use it in your business.

What is Wax Paper?

noissue's Custom Wax Paper uses a Foodsafe wax coating to prevent oil or moisture stains

Wax paper is a type of paper usually coated with a fat or oil-resistant substance. It is generally made from cellulose, which is derived from wood pulp.

The coating on wax paper prevents oil and grease from penetrating the paper, which is a great advantage for custom designed food packaging. It's ideal for packaging foods high in fat or oil content such as fried foods. It can also be used to line food baskets when baking foods like cakes or pastries.

You can also use wax paper for customer's to-go orders. This will ensure that the greasy foods do not make contact with the Custom Sandwich Bag or Custom Takeout Bag and make it soggy. Wax paper can also be called Butcher Paper or Greaseproof Paper.

What are the Different Types of Wax Paper Available on the Market Today?

Wax paper is not the only option for wrapping food with a moisture barrier. Here are the different types available to businesses.

1. Aluminum Foil

Aluminium foil is made from thin sheets of aluminium that are laminated to paper or plastic. It is widely available and a cheaper option. Aluminium foil is a good option for wrapping sandwiches because it is completely oil and grease-resistant. It is also heat resistant, so you can use it in the oven.

However, aluminium foil is not environmentally friendly. It's only good for a single-use, and it can be difficult to recycle. If you're in the restaurant business, the consistency at which you'll be using aluminium will also make this a more expensive option in the long run.

2. Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is made from a thin layer of single-use plastic that is laminated to paper or foil. It is available in rolls and is sometimes referred to as cling film. Seeing as plastic has been banned in many countries, the future isn't looking good for single-use plastic food packaging or businesses who continue to use it.

3. Wax Paper

Learn more about how create Custom Wax Paper

Wax paper is foodsafe paper coated with a thin layer of wax, which gives it non-stick properties. It is typically made from recycled paper that has been treated with paraffin wax or beeswax. noissue's Custom Wax Paper uses a foodsafe wax and is 40gsm in thickness, which ensures any moisture or grease will be absorbed and not leak through to exterior packaging or damage the design. It also stands up strong against heat, so hot foods can be placed into it straightaway.

The Foods That Best Suit Wax Paper

Wax paper suits a wide range of use cases, but it tends to perform best when paired with hot, savoury food, as this is often greasy.  If your industry serves one of the following foods, consider Custom Wax Paper a smart choice.


The American classic. A burger joint wouldn't be complete without some wax paper to catch any drip from the juicy patty.


Who doesn't love a good taco? Whether it's chicken, beef, or fish, our grease-resistant papers will keep things tidy.

Fried chicken

There's nothing quite like some good southern fried chicken. But with all that grease, you'll need a wrap that can handle it. Wax paper will do the trick.


Whether it's savory or sweet, our wax paper will keep your pies safe and sound.

Features You Should Look For With Wax Paper  


There are many options for food packaging out there that aren't environmentally friendly. Customers who want to support businesses that align with their values will appreciate you choosing more sustainable options. noissue's Butcher Paper is made from 100% recyclable acid-free paper that's FSC certified and FDA approved. This means it's curb-side recyclable after use.


When you go to the effort of getting custom food packaging made for your business, you don't want any moisture or grease to dim its shine. noissue's Custom Wax Paper is greaseproof enough to hold food like burgers, hotdogs and poutine without leaking but breathable enough so the food won't get soggy. It's also heat safe, so you can use it for packaging hot food items. Plus, it comes in a handy sheet format to easily dispense and pack or line your food.


Here at noissue, we believe that your food business is unique and so your packaging should be too. We offer custom printing for all of our hospitality and food delivery products, including our Custom Wax Paper. You can personalize your Wax colors and design to create the perfect look for your business. Our online design tools make it easy to upload finished design, and our pre-press design team will check the final design is approved before it goes to print.

Get Started With Wax Paper Today

Ready to get started with Custom Wax Paper? Our Greaseproof Paper is a great moisture-resistant option. If you're after a lighter weight option that isn't coated, we also have Custom Food Wrapping Paper that's 100% compostable!

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