At this point, we can all rest easier knowing that many countries have now signed on to end the use of single-use plastics. For the majority of these countries, this means switching to paper drinking straws.

There are a number of reasons why paper straws are a better alternative to plastic ones. In the world of takeaway – which is the dominant sector of the food and hospitality industry – waste is a major concern.

Fortunately, there are many eco and sustainable alternatives to plastics, such as wrapping paper, boxes, labels, and of course, paper drinking straws!

How Are Paper Straws Made?

When it comes to paper straws vs. plastic straws, the two have entirely different manufacturing methods.

Paper drinking straws are made by bonding three-ply paper together with a tiny amount of water-based adhesive or glue. This process is done using a core-winding machine or with hot adhesives to increase production speed.

The type of paper and adhesive that are chosen will make all the difference in the integrity of the final product. It’s important to opt for paper drinking straws that are made with food-grade kraft paper and can withstand hot temperatures.

To be sure that paper drinking straws are eco-conscious, look for straws that are curb-side recyclable. Better yet, opt for options certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure that the paper was sourced ethically.

Are Paper Straws Better for the Environment?

In short, yes! Paper straws are much better for the environment than plastic ones.

The debate of paper straws vs. plastic straws is a no-brainer simply because it takes plastic up to 450 years to decompose, whereas paper straws only take 2-6 months to decompose.

For even faster degradation, there are sugarcane straws that don’t get soft or soggy and can be composted. Nowadays, many people have composts at home, in the back garden for example, meaning they can even compost these kinds of products on their own at home.

So if you’re wondering, “are paper straws better than plastic ones?” the answer is most certainly yes! Coming up is a run-down of all the benefits you can expect from switching to paper straws.

Paper Straws are either Biodegradable or Recyclable

The level of biodegradability or recyclability brings us back to the question, “how are paper straws made?”

Paper straws are always both biodegradable and recyclable, but depending on the kind of paper and adhesives used, one or the other will be more suitable for that particular type of straw.

A big problem with plastic straws is that they often end up in the ocean, but the benefit of paper straws is that even if they end up in a marine ecosystem, they will start to break down in as few as three days.

Likewise, if paper straws are disposed of in the composition, they will begin to decompose more quickly. Many find that their paper straws will completely decompose in the compost in just 2-6 weeks.

Reduction of Plastic

The prevalence of plastics in our environment is a major problem. Not only does it take as much as 450 years (up to thousands of years by other estimates) for plastics to break down, but while they’re around, they wreak havoc on wildlife and ecosystems.

Thousands of marine animals, including sea birds, seals, and turtles, are killed every year due to being entangled in single-use plastics.

Plus, when plastics do start to break down, they aren’t turning into harmless molecules–they’re sticking around as microplastics. Microplastics are polluting our water sources, which in turn is affecting the health of all living beings on the planet – and they’re making us sick too.

Paper Straws are the Best Option for the Food Industry

In the past, there have been times when paper straws have been in such high demand due to their popularity that there have been issues with keeping up with production.

This is because paper straws are the only real alternative to plastic for the food service industry. They help in preventing virgin plastics from cluttering our global landfills, while providing customers with an easy and convenient way to enjoy beverages.

🎁 That's a Wrap!

Paper straws can help restaurants and cafe brands remain as eco-friendly as possible while creating an enjoyable dining experience for their customers. Beat the single-use plastics blues with more sustainable takeout accessories, like recyclable paper straws!

noissue Recyclable Paper Straws are ideal for cold beverages and can withstand hot drinks up to 75 degrees Celsius. They also come in a variety of fun patterns, colors, and natural kraft. Showcase your establishment's commitment to sustainability by using straws for takeout that won't end up as waste!

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