Which sandwich bag would your business make a switch with?

Tongue twister aside, it’s important as a budding food brand to be bringing your best branding! After all’s snapped and shared on social media, you want customers to keep coming back for more and spreading the word about your wonderful eats, whether they dine in or order out.

And there’s nothing like creating a comprehensive customer experience through branded packaging that complements your edible creations. Pastries and sandwiches especially require a different category of portable packaging - in the form of bakery bags that won’t break or burst!

This article will shift gears into explaining what a bakery bag – also known as a sandwich bag – is and how your hospitality or food delivery business can benefit from using them.

Here’s a handy rundown of what we’re covering in this article:

  • What is a sandwich bag?
  • Why are sandwich bags great for food delivery?
  • What materials are noissue Sandwich Bags made from?
  • Which food-safe packaging products pair well with custom sandwich bags?

What is a sandwich bag?

noissue Custom Sandwich Bags can display a one-sided multicolor design.

Sandwich or baker bags are commonly pictured when getting pastries and goodies from bakeries, coffee shops, or cafes. These small paper bags feature a flat bottom, side gussets, and tall, foldable walls for easy carrying. Placing items into a sandwich bag is straightforward, and you only need to roll the opening down to create a carrying handle. Pretty convenient and portable, if you ask us!

You can drop in dry or baked goods, sandwiches and wraps, and confectionery within paper bakery bags for handing over the counter to craving customers. While the kraft paper materials make these small brown paper bags light yet durable, they’re not ideal for holding liquid products or heavier containers. Consider keeping around some larger, handled takeout bags to hold sandwich-bagged orders for heavy-duty takeout transportation.

What materials are noissue Sandwich Bags made from?

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Lightweight Kraft paper is used to create sandwich bags. However, your business will be doing both your customers and the circular economy a favor by choosing eco-friendly paper bags. Using sandwich bags made from recycled paper fibers helps keep materials in circulation and out of landfills longer and can be recycled again after taking your takeout home.

noissue Sandwich Bags are made with FSC-certified recycled paper, so there’s no guilt associated with generating waste from your brand’s to-go orders. You’ve got a perfect takeout presentation paired with eco-friendly food wrapping paper!

Why are sandwich bags great for food delivery?

Sandwich bags are ideal for packing up all kinds of sandos, snacks, and more into one convenient carry-on. They’re built for grab-and-go scenarios, especially for busybodies who want to bring baked pastries and savory sammies out and about during the day.

These handy paper bags also protect food from exposure to the elements when transported to the cafe patio, park picnic, or back to your customer’s home. It gives your orders light and portable housing while preventing food-wrapped goodies from accidental drops onto the pavement, which would otherwise ruin anyone’s day!

Seal noissue Custom Sandwich Bags with a custom sticker for a branded finishing touch.

And just because they’re utilitarian doesn’t mean they can’t look unique! Sandwich bags are made sleeker when branded with custom artwork. On noissue, upload your business’s name or logo to shine front-and-center on custom sandwich bags. Or, turn your logo into a repeating pattern to impress customers with an immersive unpacking and enjoyable eating experience! Don’t leave any detail untouched, as the takeout unboxing experience isn’t one you want to sell yourself (or your tantalizing treats) short on.

Which food-safe packaging products pair well with custom sandwich bags?

Your sandwich bags are good for holding dry and handheld treats, but why not take it further by wrapping them in custom food packaging?

Personalized sandwich paper is a great way to go off with an awe-inducing design or artwork while keeping spills and slips at bay! Customers can stuff their faces with saucier sandwiches and scones sans grease or grime getting all over their fingers. The sunny side of the egg: noissue’s Custom Food Wrapping Paper solves the problem of messy eating, making lots of waste through its compostability. So, customers can chow down on your entrees and eat without worrying about their environmental impact.

And custom food-grade paper makes for a picture-perfect background — jazz up plates and takeout boxes with butcher paper beautified with your restaurant’s name or a pattern. Wrap your food products in custom butcher paper and envelope them inside sandwich bags sporting your logo for terrific takeout points!

Got delivery drivers dashing through your business’s doors? A larger takeout bag can then contain everything for a quick and sure handoff to your customers. Avoid giving folks your orders in plastic bags that’ll end up in landfills – instead, have them catch your bites in custom takeout bags with hearty handles. noissue Takeout Bags can be personalized with your logo to proudly display where the delicious food comes from (your customers will get that question a lot, we’re sure!).

They’re 100% recycled and recyclable to keep materials out of the trash. Seeing your brand name displayed on a kraft takeout bag will have people talking about your fantastic, planet-friendly food experience even after the plates get licked clean.

Wrapping it up

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Now that you have sandwich bags that pack style alongside your food, nothing can stop your budding food biz! Bakeries and coffee shops will find a new best friend in noissue Custom Sandwich Bags that will add to an amazing takeout unboxing experience. Now which ‘wich will have all the fixings with inside your sandwich bag? (We promise that’s the last tongue twister!)

Howdy, hospitality! Ambitious food and hospo brands are in the right place for premium packaging. From branded takeout bags to beautifully designed food-grade paper, you’ll find all you need for your meals at noissue. Check out our ultimate guide to the best packaging products for takeout and delivery. Create your custom Sandwich Bags here!