Pinterest is one of our noissue customers' favourite platforms to browse for packaging inspiration. There are boards for celestial-inspired packaging, ecommerce packaging, creative inspired workplaces and much, much more.

If you've never visited before, it's an incredible channel to check out for your own packaging ideas by browsing some of our community's creations.

As we've wrapped up the year that was 2020, we were curious to find out what the top ten most loved posts were on Pinterest of the past year.

You can have a look at diverse spread of packaging products, colors and graphic designs and even a home workplace that made the favourites, as voted by you.

Have a scroll, feast your eyes and see if your design made the top ten below!

1. The Wholesome Store


At 20,658 engagements, The Wholesome Store's tissue paper book wrapping takes the spot of our most pinned photo on Pinterest for 2020. The Wholesome Store is a wellness, ceramics, clothing and jewellery store run by the author of the book pictured, Ellie Bullen.

2. The Social Pops


With 10,816 engagements, lollipops maker The Social Pops is getting a lot of love for her unboxing experience. The brand was created to cultivate kindness, gives back and create a true connection with people, which is why the tagline featured on the sticker is ‘Made for friends'.

3. Cabeza de Alfile


With 6,800 engagements, sewing store Cabeza de Alfile's complimentary custom sticker and tissue paper combination won the hearts of Pinterest viewers. The adorable motifs that pay tribute to sewing show exactly what the business is all about.

4. Chase Kind


At 6324 engagements, Chase Kind's simple yet modern branding on their unboxing experience is extremely eye-catching. The brand sells lifestyle accessories for modern women and counts kindness as one of its key values.

5. Sonia Stegemann


With 6253 engagements, this expert use of two beautiful shades of pink in custom tissue paper and stickers was very popular with Pinterest users. Sonia Stegemann is an illustrator and graphic design whose personality-filled designs adorn the packaging.

6. Flatwoods Fawn


Celestial-inspired packaging is a hit on Pinterest (noissue has a whole board dedicated to it), which is why it's no surprise Flatwood Fawn's beautiful celestial packaging clocks in with 2297 engagements. The brand makes small batches of one of a kind jewels.

7. Doodle Moo


There's something about bold, pop-art inspired graphic design that really helps packaging to stand out from the crowd. With 1736 engagements, Doodle Moo's custom tissue paper was definitely a crowd pleaser. Doodle Moo is a lifestyle brand that creates art, home decor and other pieces.

8. Aruall Huillier


Christmas may have been and gone, but the festive spirit remains popular all year round. Illustrator Laura Lhuillier offers a refreshing take on holiday packaging, pairing a pink shade with a deep green and adorable illustrations of deer, rabbits, presents and more. With 1694 engagements, Pinterest users clearly appreciated this originality.

9. Eleanor Bowmer


With 1418 engagements, many Pinterest users couldn't go past home and gift store Eleanor Bowmer's bright and cheerful unboxing experience. The color combination of yellow, pink and blue is perfectly aligned to her products and branding.

10. Chey Barton


To round off the top ten, we have a non-packaging related addition – illustrator Chey Barton's home office. With 1259 engagements, clearly the popularity of working from home in 2020 had an effect on Pinterest users and they felt inspired by how she has turned her home office into a hub for creativity for her illustrations.

We hope you found some packaging (or home office!) inspiration in our most popular Pinterest posts of 2020!

All the best for the year ahead, and remember to hit the follow button on our Pinterest page if you haven't already.