Unboxing a gift is an experience like no other. Who doesn’t love it when a package arrives wonderfully wrapped and packed full of goodies? 🎁

Now take your typical package, and turn it up a notch! The curated gift box is often themed and purposefully packaged by brands to stand out from the sea of brown boxes, elevating the unboxing experience to a whole new level. Curated gift boxes never go out of style and are especially appreciated for making anyone’s day.

And just in time for the holidays right around the corner, curated gift boxes are a great way to wow customers with carefully chosen products.

✨ You’ve got a special delivery


Even as the world starts to open back up, gift boxes are as relevant as ever to spark joy in people’s lives. According to the National Retail Foundation, last year’s holiday sales grew 8.3% despite the pandemic. Around 88 million curated boxes were delivered in 2020! So, take this upcoming holiday season as an opportunity to make a stellar impression on customers through curated orders.

The curated gift box industry is worth $650 billion today and continues to grow in value as more consumers look toward thoughtfully packaged holiday gifts. In a survey conducted last year by McKinsey & Company, many people favored curated packages for their good value, high quality, and variety of items.

And when a curated box has all three components, customers are more likely to remain loyal subscribers or frequent buyers to a brand.

✅  Easy as 1, 2, 3

The convenience of the curated package is also a no-brainer for customers who want to send or get gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Having a box filled with pre-selected products removes the decision fatigue that many customers encounter when purchasing multiple items. Plus, putting together your brand’s gift box of personal picks allows you to let loose with creativity and cool concepts for your packaging.

The curated gift box is an all-in-all seamless shopping experience for customers, making it a prime pick for merging your online and offline brand experience all into one neat package!


When it comes to creating an impressive curated unboxing experience, packaging materials are equally important to consider alongside what products you’ll be placing inside the box. Pretty designs on tissue paper and sweet stickers will enhance the unboxing experience of your curated package while incorporating your branding. Oh, and don’t forget a lovely card that lets the recipient know that their package was crafted just for them!

And perfecting your curated unboxing experience to a T gets even easier through custom and eco-friendly packaging, so your unboxings won’t harm the planet as you impress your customers.

💡 Inspiration Station

If your business is wanting to master the art of the curated gift box, keep on reading. We’ve rounded up some stand-out businesses that make their curated unboxing experiences feel so special!

Positive Parcels by Tori Allen Events


During one of Australia’s lockdowns due to the pandemic, Tori Allen Events started a floral delivery service that quickly became a highly demanded curated box of goodies for clients and customers. From themes like Cocktail Hour to Fri-NALLY, any Positive Parcel order is a sure way to wow folks in need of a pick-me-up! Their packages come lined with a bright illustration on custom noissue Tissue, along with a card describing all the items inside needed to brighten anyone’s unboxing experience.

Nelson the Seagull Picnic Box


Canada-based cafe Nelson the Seagull is famous for pumping out beautiful loaves of bread and masterfully brewed coffee. So it was an easy choice for the eatery to create their version of the traditional picnic box! Inside, you’ll find their signature sourdough accompanied with fresh fruits and accouterments, readily packaged to take on the go. To protect the carefully curated choices, they’ve got their trusty noissue Foodsafe customized with a logo pattern to line the box and create a classy takeout experience.

Little Local Box


Little Local Box is redefining what it means to shop small, one package at a time! Each of the curated gift boxes that Little Local Box puts together highlights sustainable products from small businesses and makers across the United Kingdom. To add a natural and earth-friendly touch to their boxes, they wrap the contents with custom noissue Tissue sporting minimally illustrated monstera leaves.



To all our fellow bookworms, this one’s for you! Melbourne-based gift box store Booxies has just the right things to give book lovers and foodies alike. Their curated unboxing experience includes good bites, like artisan chocolate and even cocktail mixes, to accompany a good read chosen to go inside each box. Booxies’ gift boxes are delivered in sleek noissue Compostable Mailers and come sealed with a custom noissue logo Sticker.

Art by Jille


If you or someone you know is an avid hobbyist, then a curated box from Art by Jille is a gift match made in heaven. Inside a DIY embroidery package from Auckland-based artist Jille Cristobal is all you’ll need to start embroidering, supplied with a hoop, colorful thread, and a stitch guide to create a lovely design. Jille wraps the contents in a comforting navy blue noissue Tissue design and hand-stamps her boxes, so customers unboxing their order can feel the love that she pours into each package.

Florals by Blush


Anyone can agree that receiving flowers is the ultimate form of sharing love and care. Florals by Blush takes the traditional concept of florals and turns them into personalized and curated packages. Their gift boxes of DIY dried arrangements come thoughtfully protected in simply illustrated noissue Tissue and custom Tape, topped with a considerate guide on creating a preserved floral display.

🎁 Wrapping it up

The art of the curated unboxing experience will take some extra care and thought to nail, from selecting which products to include to your box’s packaging tape that’ll seal the deal.

Use packaging materials that add some pop to your package of perfection, and your customers will appreciate all the unique bells and whistles as they unpack their gift! And if you’re just getting started with your custom packaging, keep these inspirations top of mind while you design and curate away for the holidays.

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