noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @thegreenerycreamery

Here at noissue, we value sustainability, small businesses, creativity, and really, really good food. We’re suckers for all kinds of snacks and treats, from savory sandwiches to satisfying our sweet tooth through sticky buns and s’mores, which is why we've created eco-friendly packaging products for bakers, chefs and makers from across the globe.

noissue's Food Wrapping Paper (which is also known as Deli Paper) is a must-have branding solution for any takeout box, plate, or container display. This lightweight paper is fully customizable, which helps with food presentation and brand awareness. It's also fully compostable after use, which means it's an environmentally responsible choice for an industry that can often generate a lot of unnecessary waste!

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @doughluxe_doughnut

What is Deli Paper Made Of?

Deli paper is a thin, semi-translucent paper that was originally used to wrap sandwiches, but now it is used for storing all sorts of foods. If you're familiar with custom tissue paper which is often used in retail, then deli paper is the hospitality equivalent! noissue's Deli Paper is greaseproof, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, and printed with water-based inks – making it a safe choice to package food in.

In terms of materials, our Deli Paper is 100% compostable and is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests, which means that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. A win-win for great food presentation and being good to the planet!

🍴 Why Should I Choose Sustainable Food Wrapping Paper?

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @bestuglybagels

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that food and food packaging materials make up almost half of everyday garbage thrown away by people.

In 2014, out of the 248 million tons of waste generated in the US, more than 63% was packaging materials for food and other purposes. Overall, only 35% was recycled or composted that year – meaning, just 89 million tons of packaging waste was properly disposed of.

When it comes to packaging and presenting food, it’s important to use materials that won’t add to the huge amounts of waste that end up in landfills.

You also want to serve up your food in packaging that won’t harm the integrity or taste of your product. Ensure you’re serving all your creations in food wrapping paper means that you're keeping your food safe, presentable and easily disposed of after use. That way, folks can enjoy your food without any worries!

Custom, Eco-Friendly Deli Paper Ticks All The Boxes

noissue Custom Deli Paper is a wonderful way to bring your branding front and center for customers who are chowing down on your cooking. Opening a treat that has a little something extra on its wrapping will make for an unforgettable unboxing experience. Custom Deli Paper also increases the chances of them sharing a snap of their food online!

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @graft_grind

10 Food Wrapping Design Ideas To Try

Are you after a bit inspiration to create your own stand-out designs on Deli Paper? Here are ten businesses that take the cake with their designs!

1. Jetties Waterfront Kitchen + Drink

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @jettiesarrowhead

Located in Lake Arrowhead, California, Jetties is a casual lakefront diner that serves up classic cravings, shareable bites and creative cocktails. You can’t go wrong with their dessert, either!

Jetties uses custom Deli Paper that features their logo and familiar restaurant motifs, like subs and drinks, printed in a bright orange soy-based ink for a fun pop.

2. Chef Anna Gordon

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @chefannagordon

Chef Anna Gordon of Brooklyn-based The Good Batch Is no stranger to perfecting the baked goods of your dreams – jam thumbprint cookies, apple pie bars and mini cakes galore! Anna dishes up her goodies with a Food Wrapping Paper design that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

The dual-toned cookie illustrations add something special to her creations, and are an attention-grabbing way of serving up treats worthy of any occasion.

3. Matcha Dou

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @matchadou

Located in Sydney, Australia, Matcha Dou creator Dila enjoys sharing her many sweet and savory creations on her illustrated Food Wrapping Paper. Dila’s creations are inspired by unique flavors like matcha and black sesame, – and her hand-drawn design is an extension of her favorite pastries!

We especially love the inclusion of her own handwriting that says, “Dila’s Home Bakery” in the center for that extra personal touch.

4. Pimp My Spud

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @pimpmyspud

As if potatoes couldn’t get any better! Australia-based vegan eats Pimp My Spud offers plant-based loaded sweet potatoes, with tempting combinations inspired by favorite flavors such as BBQ, hummus, and even cereal.

Pimp My Spud’s Custom Deli Paper features their fun and bubbly logo repeated in a lively pink that puts the cherry on top of all their sweet spuds.

5. Strength Chef

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @strength_chef

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Coming out of Whitney, UK, Strength Chef fills their weekly meal boxes with plenty of hearty, good-for-you eats wrapped.

Unwrapping the custom Food Wrapping Paper that protects the insides of a Strength Chef box will get you excited to meet your nutrition goals – and nom on wholesome bites!

6. The Cocoa Spatula

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @thecocoaspatula

Bold colors are another way of making your eats irresistibly pop. The Cocoa Spatula, a specialized bakery based in Singapore, does custom and corporate orders that are sure to please any crowd!

The deep ruby color of their Deli Paper, peppered with The Cocoa Spatula’s signature logo, exudes decadence and indulgence.

7. The Greenery Creamery

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @thegreenerycreamery

The Greenery Creamery is an Orlando-based artisanal ice cream shop with combinations that’ll make your mouth water! The Greenery Creamery offers scratch-made traditional and plant-based options, often featuring unconventional flavors for sincerely unique creations.

The illustrative pattern and lively green on their custom Food Wrapping Paper has us screaming for more ice cream!

8. Jenna Rae Cakes

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @jennaraecakes

Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada is Jenna Rae Cakes, a boutique bakery that pumps out edible works of art. Jenna Rae Cakes can satisfy any occasion’s craving, from elegant wedding cakes to indulgent cookie cookie dough cups!

A beautifully illustrated design depicting flora and hands holding all kinds of treats, takes these creations to another level.

9. Village Takeaway

noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @villagetakeaway

Don’t you wish you could grab this right out of your screen? Located in Sawtell, Australia, the Village Takeaway offers many tempting burgers, shakes and chips that all hit the spot.

Their customized Food Wrapping Paper, decked out in burgers and palm trees, also adds a pop of color for an extra enjoyable meal!

10. Columbian Connection Coffee

noissue Custom Deli Paper by @columbianconnectioncoffee

For an ultimate perk-me-up, what’s a better combination than donuts with specialty coffee? Australia-based Columbian Connection Coffee has you covered with their craft choices of beans and roasts. They use a Custom Deli Paper design featuring their much beloved mule mascot!

Wrapping it up

We don’t blame you if you’re starting to get hungry  👀

These ten businesses serve up some amazing creations, and we look forward to even more goodies coming up on noissue Bites!

Be sure to follow @noissuebites to see more of your food wishes and featured community members, and join us in the kitchen by creating your custom Foodsafe Paper!